March 3rd, 2010

Sketch-a-Move is a project by Anab Jain and Louise Klinker. They actually did this a few years ago. It’s a concept for a toy car that allows you to explore the unique relationships between small surface doodles and actual physical movements. If you draw a circle on the top of the toy car, it will move in a circle. If you draw a complicated spiral, the car will move in a spiral. They don’t explain how it actually works or could work, but it sure looks like fun.

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  1. James Théophane Says:

    The only info i found on how it works was on We Make Money Not Art

    “On top of the toy is a screen made from an analog editable material. Under it, a touch screen allows the stylus like input to be translated into movement by a microprocessor. The movement is performed by 2 solenoids to steer the car and a motor to give the speed.”

  2. copeland Says:

    cool video, cool idea. but i’ll give you my next paycheck if it’s not someone underneath the table with a magnet moving the cars around.

  3. someguy Says:

    While the idea is really nice, I hope you are aware of what is actually happening in this video. hint

    in other words:

    “The car in our videoscenarios is not technically working.”

  4. Joao CP Says:

    on the video they are using magnets, which control the cars from under the table.
    nice concepts tough.

  5. Rawby Says:

    from Louise Klinker’s site: “Because of our aim to create a flexible toy we chose to focus on possible play scenarios rather than develop a working prototype. The car in the video is fake!”

    TIny RC cars. No wonder they have antennas, right?

  6. romain andré Says:

    A similare project as been presented at the Toy Fair 2010 (might be the same one actually)



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  8. gregor Says:

    everybody in this vid is lefthanded! ;)

  9. kinkymint Says:

    im quite sure it works with silly old magnet- under- the – table…. done similar ”fun” during my childhooooooood :)

  10. Rei Says:

    Gregor, that’s the first thing I noticed!

  11. Sketch-a-Move by Anab Jain and Louise Klinker « RADDblog Says:

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  12. marksu Says:

    i’m shure Rawby is right … tiny RC-cars

  13. common sense Says:

    Obviously the video is not ‘real’. Just as obviously, that’s not the point. The video is intended to demonstrate the concept and possibilities of a working prototype that may still be a few years off, which it does far more effectively than saying ‘this is what we want it to do.’ Maybe learn to focus on whats intended for you to take away from something instead of the excuses you can find to pick it apart.

  14. dave Says:

    they used tiny rc cars she writes on it n then steps back grabs the control n moves the car….u see in some the car spinns out cuz the littly cars tires r slick so its jus burnin out on the table. they have them stores everywhere u jus charge them on the control in like 5 mins n ur ready to play.

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