Horsetail Firefall

March 11th, 2010

This photo was made by Rob Kroenert on February 18th 2010 in the Yosemite National Park. Every year during the month of February, the Horsetall Falls turn golden around sunset. Amazing.

EDIT March 4th 2011
I’ve just found this video about the Horsetail Firefall at Boing Boing. Worth watching!

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  1. mike. Says:


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    […] Not lava, that’s Yosemite’s “Horsetail Falls” turned golden at sunset [Today & Tomorrow] […]

  3. carrie leber Says:

    that’s truly amazing. I’ve never seen it before.

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  5. Abhominal Says:

    That is truly beautiful.

  6. Barry Cunningham Says:

    I remember seeing the Yosemite Firefall of real embers in 1958 (
    I had just gotten my first camera, a Yashica “A”, for my 10th birthday. I was anxious to get a picture of the Firefall, so, knowing it would be dark and outside, I got some blue daylight flashbulbs and shot away when the Firefall was released. Needless to say, the pictures did not turn out so well.

  7. Horsetail Falls turns golden in the Sun | Says:

    […] On February 18, 2010, photographer Rob Kroenert took this amazing photo of Horsetail Falls at Yosemite National Park. The falls are in a unique place during this time of year because the rays from the sunset shine on the falls and make them look like flowing lave. [via] […]

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Wow this is a truly amazing phenomenon & it’s beauty is astounding : )

  9. BLAH Says:

    how exactly does it turn gold? natural phenomenon or manmade backlights?

  10. Webnews #3 / 1v2: Here It Goes Again | Andi Licious' Blogosphäre Says:

    […] Rob Kroenert schoss am 18. Februar 2010 ein wundervolles Bild vom Forsetall Fall im Yosemite National Park. […]

  11. rogern Says:


  12. Ricardo Alcos Says:

    Sorry. Nothing new. Years ago, Yosemite used to have a display created by pouring burning embers from Glaciar Point to Yosemite Valley, 1000 feet below. It was discontinued when the Park Rangers realized that it was a potential fire hazard.

  13. rusty Says:

    it is amazing it looks like lava

  14. Ricky Says:

    Mesmerising…beautiful….nice …really nice photography.

  15. Curly Says:

    Every thing about “El Capitan” is beautiful. The falls are just one of the many wonders of this amazing mountain.

  16. Cherry Says:

    oh!.. really awesome.. you can find rarely such creations ..

  17. SprinteExec Says:

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous photo of this awesome phenomenon!

  18. C Says:

    amazing …

  19. Maya Says:

    Totally stunning!!!

  20. Ann G. Says:

    Wow, thats so amazing! I didn’t even know that such thing is possible!

  21. Horsetail Firefall | Elastika Says:

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  22. Scot D Says:

    Love it – great pic. Am heading to Yosemite this week, hopefully I’ll see this natural phenomenon in the flesh.

  23. Brendan Says:

    Yosemite is another one for those places that literally takes your breath away. Working here must be an amazing job!

  24. Horsetail Falls in Yosemite | Ozymandias Says:

    […] came across this fantastic picture of the Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park, thanks to today and tomorrow. Apparently during the month of February the sunset causes the falls to turn golden – almost […]

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  26. mh Says:

    wooooow! does it usually coincide with an earthquake?

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  29. 优山美地的马尾火瀑 - Pre-Alpha Says:

    […] 下面是引自Rob对此照片写的创作说明。原图在Flickr上,但是我转自这里,因为Flickr不能正常显示。为此, 我要感谢国家,感谢政府,感谢党。我的博客中不少读者是有志于赴美求学的朋友,我想说,去吧,那里有优山美地,更重要的是,你可以上Flickr和任何网站,而且最多只需要感谢父母。 Yosemite puts on a unique show this time of year. […]

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  31. Adrian Spencer Says:

    Fantatic shot, what a moment to capture. Superb.

  32. dave Says:

    shown on PBS National Parks series, burning embers dumped over but they said it was stopped years ago… so is this a old photo or did they start again???

  33. Brennan Says:

    pure awesomeness. i’m in. and i would also like to give the redwoods a visit while in the area…

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  35. kendrick Says: it’s just caused by sunlight.

  36. tsdisee Says:

    I thought it’s lavar.
    why wont the rock reflect the golden sunlight
    long time exposure .

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  38. Elaina Says:


  39. eduardo winck Says:

    stumbled from porto alegre, brazil


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  42. David Hardwick Photography Says:

    Amazing photo. I know it is natural but it looks like it is backlit.

  43. Doris Says:

    It’s really awesome!!

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  46. Rincewind Says:

    This is not water, this is nothing to do with sunlight, it is ember poured over the cliff. Read what people say above. Americans believe anything?!?

  47. Angel Says:

    How beautiful could be !?

  48. algdfa Says:

    I thought it’s lavar.
    why wont the rock reflect the golden sunlight
    long time exposure

  49. Samantha G Says:

    Wow that’s amazing I thought it was lava until I read the comments. Beautiful. You def learn something new every day. :)

  50. Sam Says:

    i really thought that was lava but that is really cool i wish i can go see it someday.

  51. Eric Says:

    It’s actually not natural. There is a tradition wherein, once a year, members of the Yosemite Hiker’s Club get together and pour embers over the cliff. This practice has recently been forbidden, however, because of environmental concerns.

  52. sharon Says:

    Its very beautiful picture. its my pleasure to see a wonderful picture. i never seen before. its a natural picture.
    then u have pass a few time , & feels for nature. god gives so much beauty in this world. u have to admire it.

  53. Vibha Says:

    simply mesmerizing !!! Nature’s true mystery :)

  54. sir jorge Says:

    i wish i wasn’t stuck in a cubicle, so i could see the world like that, a great photo

  55. divya Says:

    cool, nature has its own way of revealing its beauty:)))))

  56. Jabiz Raisdana Says:

    “Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right”–“Scarlet Begonias”

  57. Hermitbiker Says:

    …. a fantastic feat of fabulous photography of Horsetail Firefall in Yosemite National Park !! :-)

  58. thedude Says:

    Fucking awesome!

  59. Demi Pietchell Says:

    Brilliant capture – such amazing light!

  60. kaldirat Says:

    It is a photo taken on a very long exposure during a night. The “lava” is in fact climbers’ headlamp.

  61. dramadery Says:

    Doing a little google search I found that the ’embers’ were discontinued in 1968. That photo clearly wasn’t shot in 1968. Also, the official site for the park refers to the falls as a, ” ‘natural firefall’ (which) appears when the angle of the setting sun sets the waterfall ablaze with reds and oranges.” The site states it occurs for a few weeks in February.
    ****As for Rincewind’s comments about American’s believing anything; get over yourself and do some fact finding before you play the ‘dumb American’ card.

  62. screechin sanchez Says:

    well…. photoshop is always a possibility, huh?

  63. rekha Says:

    Awesome shot!

  64. Paul T Says:

    Sure would like to make it there one day to take some pics. Nice blending of shadows and highlights.

  65. Art of Concept Says:

    What an extraordinary shot! So wonderful!

  66. Horsetail Firefall » The Xerxy Web Says:

    […] During February, the setting sun turns the falls’ waters golden, making the water look like molten lava or liquid gold. Great photo and a must see place. link […]

  67. teenagesenior Says:

    Looks very surreal. thanks for sharing.

  68. Xhalph Says:

    wow i wanna go there and see it for myself.. that’s really stunning :)

  69. FoxyReign Says:

    It looks like molten lava. Nature is really superb!

  70. Smashing Wall Says:

    amazing. I’ve never seen it before.

  71. Serge Says:

    At first I thought it’s lava, itis amazing. I wanna go there!

  72. Tina Says:

    OMG!!! I have grown up my entire life hearing stories about this! My grandfather has told me about seeing this as a small child while on vacation with his mother, I could never even come close to imagining how beautiful it truly is!

  73. emma Says:

    What is that?

  74. Rich Gebert Says:

    Great going to try to watch live this year couple of weeks away. Only one night a sat so could take a couple yrs. Thanks for the great shots.

  75. bijoy Says:

    amazingly beautiful!!

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