Acrylic on Flesh

March 16th, 2010

Alexa Meade paints with acrylic on flesh (and clothing). So yeah, you could call them bodypaintings but they’re like nothing I’ve seen before. Stunning work!

found via @jocabola

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  3. The Storialist Says:

    God, this is amazing!

  4. The Perfect Boob Says:

    Oh my!
    Brilliant work!!
    It stuns, when almost all original ideas seem to be used..people manage to come up with something more brilliant!!

  5. Philipp Steinweber / blog and portfolio » Acrylic on flesh Says:

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  6. Aaron Says:

    ok… I’m still in disbelief… is this someone painting over a photograph? Or are these people literally painted on and they are walking around looking like an oil painting????

  7. Krysta Says:

    Wow. Excellent!

  8. Alice Says:

    My jaw dropped. Wonderful blog, your posts always make me think!

  9. Alexa Meade | Says:

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  10. Luke Says:

    reminds me of Boo Ritson-

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  13. Nadine Says:

    This is really original. Damn wish I came up with that idea ;) Well done Alexa.

  14. lalo Says:

    it is so weird how people from different places can think of the same without communicating or apparently having same conditions to concieve the idea. No joking, i thought of this myself, i guess i sould still do it i dont know..

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  17. Mattias Says:

    Great work now I don´t need to explore that part myself :-)
    Been doing similar stuff on a experimental level (rather than focusing on the aesthetical part)

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  20. onirica Says:

    cool fresh flesh paintings!

  21. ashita thakkar Says:

    lovely painting… very much inspiring… just beyond my thinking, helping me to grow… thnx for sharing.

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  26. barn Says:


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  28. nice painting Says:

    Very nice, but is this thing non toxic?

  29. Matt Foster Says:

    Nothing new. In fact, this is not as interesting as Boo Ritson’s work.

  30. Mark Fawler Says:

    @Matt Foster: You’re probably not trying to be as dismissive as you sound. I guess you didn’t dig this, but maybe if you dug a little deeper you’d find something new or interesting about it. I also like Boo Ritson, but for different reasons. In fact, on a purely visual level I’m finding Meade’s work more interesting than Ritson’s.

  31. Sarah Samways Says:

    INTENSE. Thanks for posting! :)

  32. Monique Says:

    Wow, this is incredible! What an optical illusion!

  33. belgin Says:


  34. David Weedmark Says:

    Amazing… that’s all I can say.

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  36. Lisa Knight Says:

    Wow….UNIQUE! Very interesting I bet a lot uncomfortable in many ways….but neat non the less!

  37. Kent Judkins Says:

    Wow! Someone should take a video of his subjects. Otherwise it is hard to believe it is real. It is a great idea and amazing end product.

  38. Liz Says:

    Featured in my blog! (#4)

  39. sarah Says:

    thats is kool i love it

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