March 22nd, 2010

COME ON PAINT ME WHITE AGAIN, a funny conversation between mobstr and the Newcastle City Council.

found at rebel:art


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  3. Fiona Says:

    Oh that’s great. I miss Newy! :p

  4. Jeremy Says:

    This probably isn’t funny for the people who have to pay for it to be cleaned up. Why doesn’t the “artist” do everyone a favour and paint something pleasant which people might enjoy. It would be more of a challenge for the council to whitewash something which has value, so they might chose not to. Whether they do or not, the artist wins. Question is, is he capable of that or does his talent stretch only as far as being a vandal with a commentary on life somewhere below Banksy’s?

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  6. dan Says:

    great fun

  7. saucY Says:

    This reminds me of a George Steinbrenner story from the 70s where George had his workers paint over the graffiti on the stadium on a daily basis. When questioned why since it was only going to get more graffiti on it the next night, George stated “because we can afford more paint then them”…

  8. k3vin Says:

    I disagree Jeremy

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  11. Jeremy Says:

    k3vin, I’m not sure if there’s a specific bit you disagree with, bit my gripe is that someone would mess up a public space to satisfy their own ego and make no attempt to please or amuse folk. Some, such as that which you linked to, are likely (I expect) to lift the spirits of passers by but others of his, especially the underpass strike me as attempts to antagonise or simply…

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  14. Nick Says:

    Jeremy, you have a point, except for the fact that councils are populated by jobsworths who will whitewash anything, regardless of artistic merit (unless it’s an advert).

  15. hank Says:

    that’s supposed to be art? i wouldn’t complain if it were a graffiti that required some effort and skill to create. just throwing some buckets of paint at a wall and spraying a text using a stencil is just lame. it’s as lame as tagging stuff with a stylo.

    i definitely prefer the white wall.

  16. Foomandoonian Says:

    Well, I found that amusing, and I would have found it even more so if I witnessed the conversation unfold first hand over several days.

    Not all art has to be a Turner oil painting. It works for me.

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