Auto Smiley

March 23rd, 2010

Auto Smiley is the latest F.A.T. project by Theo Watson. It’s a little app that runs in the background while you work. It analyzes your face and each time it detects a smiley, it adds a smiley :) to the front most application. Theo used openFrameworks and MPT for the smile detection. Of course you can download the app and the sources here (I actually had to change some values in the source code so that it would work with my keyboard).

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  1. AutoSmiley uses the iSight to turn your face into an emoticon Says:

    […] runs in the background while you work, quietly monitoring your iSight's camera input. Whenever it detects a smiling face on the camera (so any time you smile while working), it will send a ":)" emoticon to the keyboard. It's probably […]

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