Letterpress Dice Prints

March 31st, 2010

These letterpress dice prints by Stukenborg are stunning!

found at make blog

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  1. Letterpress Dice Prints by Stukenborg « Uncool Shoes Says:

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  2. Daniel Taubert Says:

    brilliant idea and excellent outcome. i would stick one in my living room anytime. full marks!

  3. Prints made from Dices — Scene 360 - The Online Film and Arts Magazine Says:

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  4. Ecole Says:

    Too cool for school.

  5. dobbelstenen « Verdwaald Says:

    […] http://www.todayandtomorrow.net/2010/03/31/letterpress-dice-prints/ […]

  6. Liam Chapple Says:

    That is absolutely lovely, such a simple idea with a beautiful outcome.

    I’m jealous!

    I miss letterpress.

  7. jq Says:

    what a lean probability

  8. john Says:


  9. bridget Says:

    These are so cool – great work! I made a huge dice mural a few years ago, 12,000+ dice into a portrait of Emiliano Zapata – http://www.bdub-ny.com/dice/

  10. Johnny Says:

    This is great. Isn’t letterpress great?

  11. Elliott Says:


  12. Peter Fraterdeus Says:

    Can’t do that with digital or offset ;-)


  13. menagerie press Says:

    Letterpress rocks! What an ingenious idea.

  14. Helen Inghanm Says:

    Terrific! Brilliant idea – great outcome!

  15. Daniel Morris Says:

    These are by Bryan Christopher Baker by the way!

  16. Ianderrape Says:

    Sometimes i can say / this is OK / really great

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  18. Dice Letterpress Prints » CMYBacon Says:

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  19. Chloé Says:


  20. caroline hancox Says:

    oh my god they are completely stunning! and such a clever simple idea

  21. DICE PRINTS - Pìcame – Lasciati Pìzzicare! Says:

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  22. James Rothenburg Says:

    What a great idea, wonderful outcome.

  23. Lego Letterpress Prints - today and tomorrow Says:

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