House in Matsubara

April 1st, 2010

In my ongoing series “houses I wouldn’t mind living in”: the House in Matsubara. It was designed by Ken’ichi Otani Architects and you may guess in which city you can find the Matsubara area.

found at Platform Arquitectura

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  1. espace appropriƩ Says:

    I’m an architect, but I still don’t understand pictures without furniture, nor people!!
    Why trying to make architecture look like sculpture?

    The house is cool, but not real. It looks like a 3D

  2. got Says:

    paris? :)

  3. Heather Budd Says:

    San Francisco

  4. tom Says:

    Although I see how the design is stunning and how the materials are top quality: would you really want to live in such a place? Today’s obsession with white is a pastiche and the “clean” since Bauhaus is now everywhere. Sometimes it is a relief to see something that is not “designed” according to these (excusez moi mon Dutch) roads. Just like history, design probably knows a pendular movement, and I hope that in a couple of years we go back to Hundertwasser or Gaudi.

    Just trying to start a discussion here, though…

  5. j Says:


  6. SH Says:

    My first thoughts were that it’s a really neat thing to look at, but I’d be very disoriented inside.

  7. raafi Says:

    one day. sigh.

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