Love Injections

April 13th, 2010

Brusse knows some “Extraordinary ways to surprise the one you love: Love Injections”. He also made a book of this project with 100’s of ideas how to say “I love you” in a creative way. You can buy your copy here.

Perfect Girl

Sweetest Girl

I Clean Today

Fridge Love

I Don’t Know …

108 Responses to “Love Injections”

  1. mikael Says:

    this is what happens when you go out with your stalker…

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  3. Occasional stumbler Says:

    Love makes people do crazy things. It’s official now.

  4. afcles Says:

    very very good more please

  5. Marisa Says:

    Awww very creative! I surprise my guy with little things, like notes. I’ll write like 20 little notes on post it’s and stick them around the house. Like… I love when you cook dinner, and put it on the stove or You look sexy today and stick it to the bathroom mirror for him to find first thing when he wakes up. He loves it.

  6. jordan Says:

    Lol true that mikael.

  7. Blind Panic Says:

    What does a woman think about these? As a man, they look kind of scary, but what do I know…

  8. dude Says:

    read the fridge one as “want to eat yo baby”

    didn’t see those bottles as a U

  9. darcy Says:

    my husband does shit like that ha ha i see post it notes all over the house from him and random stuff like the writing things with food thing! xD

  10. STail Says:

    It was cute until the fridge thing, then it just got creepier.

  11. Kristen Says:

    Nothing says love like a creepy cannibalistic message written in ground beef…

  12. Pinko Says:

    These are upsetting and frightening. Even knowing that these exist makes me feel like I need to call the cops.

  13. Cheshire Says:

    Way to get chocolate all over your girl’s clean white sheets, tard.

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  15. Lucia Says:

    I read the fridge one as “I want to eat your baby”.

  16. mook Says:

    Creepy and weird.

  17. Frolios Says:

    I don’t understand the one with the arms.

  18. Poopsicle Says:

    These ideas are so sweet and thoughtful! …as long as the guy doing them was actually her boyfriend and not a stalker… You guys that are upset about these pictures are silly… and maybe jealous or insecure too.

  19. EMS Says:

    the arms in the tub are too creepy for a present!

  20. Asa Says:

    What the crap, everyone commenting on this is either super bitter, or calloused to any and all displays of affection….

    Seriously? Most of these are really thoughtful and cool. Except for the bathtub one, that’s just weird… The food one is hilarious, albeit kind of awkward. haha.
    The rest of them *thumbs up*

  21. justdance Says:

    the first three were adorable!!!!!! but the last 2…..SCREAMED CREEPY!!!

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  23. hollarama Says:

    Those aren’t clean white sheets… it’s paper

  24. Rose Says:

    I really have to agree with Asa. Almost all of these were really cute and thoughtful. I’d love to come home and see them (even if it meant having chocolate on my sheets). I don’t really understand the one with the bathtub and the arm cutouts, but at least it seems…creative.

    The fact that a lot of people assumed these were stalker-y and not a message from a boy/girlfriend really scares me. Do you think of a creepy guy outside your window when you hear “I love you” rather than a healthy relationship?

  25. Lucy Says:

    I’m a 22year old girl and I found these pics very sweet (except the last one) and creative!! I specially liked the ‘fridge love’ because I would find it very flattering for my significant other to have taken the time to create something that is hot and cool looking lol.

  26. Maggie Says:

    The last one with the bathtub has a snorkeling mask in one hand. I wonder if there’s a ring in the bathtub?

  27. Roshan Says:

    Very good. Thank you.

  28. Scooter Says:

    So nobody gets the arms? It’s the best one.

  29. Emily Says:

    I would absolutely love it if my boyfriend took the time to do something as original and thoughtful as all of these!! call me a hopeless romantic i dont care, the rest of you need to get an imagination and stop being so cynical.

  30. Max Says:

    Mikael’s right! Lots of people find this real love, a friend of mine and his girlfriend are like this.
    Creepy relationships!

  31. cathy Says:

    Love the creativity here!

  32. A person Says:

    in the last 1 I think the dude will be IN the bathtub… not a ring

  33. Slimmmerman Says:

    They are kinda cute except the Hannibal reference… “I want to eat you”???

  34. GAIL Says:

    Crazy WEIRD. but its still romantic

  35. Colin Says:

    That is Hannibal Lectur’s fridge?

  36. j Says:

    The last one is creepy as shit, I don’t wanna stick my hand in an ominous bubble bath.

  37. janelle Says:

    cute…the refrigerator thing was a little scary though..

  38. Dave Says:

    Where are you people from? I want to eat you refers to oral sex you dummies!

  39. ilovenoodles Says:

    i laughed for about five minutes at “ominous bubble bath” hilarious. also, agreed.

  40. Abi Says:

    Sometimes I really just don’t get people. What is so wrong about any one of these gestures? They’re cute and quirky and the thought & creativity involved (regardless of the end result) says more than a shop-bought gift would have done. My boyfriend does little things like this, and I just love them.

  41. Michelle Says:

    The first two were sweet, after that they went downhill. =S Worst? The fridge.

  42. avisioncame Says:

    first of all. I don’t think this is real. I think it’s some sort of “art”. Secondly, to everyone saying this is creepy, you obviously don’t understand women very well, because they enjoy stuff like this….maybe just not so over the top.

  43. christian Says:

    i don’t know why so many of you are hating on these. there is an entire book of these. of course they are intended to fit different types of relationships and personalities. these aren’t one-size-fits-all.

  44. denise Says:

    I would love all of it.

  45. Ruby Says:

    Yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who realized the fridge was supposed to be an innuendo.

  46. winsy Says:

    ew, candy on the bed? what a mess!

  47. Danielle B Says:

    Thats is so cool! I would love to find something like that! Shows creativity! :)

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  49. emma Says:

    The candy on the sheets and the stuff made into a heart would both irritate the heck out of me. The fridge and the tub would both be…surprising… I guess.

  50. Apple Says:

    i love thisssss!!!!! gives me inspiration for mother’s day! thanksss!:)

  51. Katie Says:

    “gives me inspiration for mother’s day! thanksss!:)”

    you have a disturbing relationship with your mother.

  52. Monkey Says:

    I think these are cute, as long as it’s coming from someone you’re with. Anyone who thinks it’s creepy and weird obviously has only had really boring vanilla relationships, and I feel bad for you. You should go get laid.

  53. John Says:

    The sad thing is in reality if a guy were to do this type of stuff for a girl she would see it as creepy. I’d totally do this type of stuff for a girl I love but most girls are shitheads.

  54. hagavelli Says:

    I would be freaked out and angry if anyone I was dating ever did any of these things. Especially the bed one. Thanks for giving me laundry to do, asshole.

  55. Devondra Says:

    The first one was awesome. If someone did that for me, I’d be ecstatic. However, the weird fridge message was…well…awkward. I dont’ know if they’re telling her they want to eat her out, or rip off a limb and start chewing.

  56. MasacruAlex Says:

    Those that find em creepy and all that (Stalker huh ? lmao ) Are those that did not have luck in relations and are mad about it and blame it on everything that’s cute like this , that’s a nice way to show your love for the loved one , the bathtube one is crazeeeh , watch a movie with ur GF (a horror one )and send her to the bathroom lol , heartattack ? (Talking about the bath one )

  57. Graham Green Says:

    The fridge is very cool – hehe

  58. Bauble Says:

    All of these seem well intentioned, just… very poorly thought out, ‘the road to hell’ and all that. I mean, unless you KNOW for a fact that someone would appreciate actions like these. I know that I’d be creeped right the hell out if someone put a picture of me up in a public place, dangled an arm and leg over my bath, or said they wanted to ‘eat’ me in ANY way shape or form. Plus, who appreciates having all their stuff moved into a shape on the floor, no matter what the shape is. That’s like saying “I didn’t feel like cleaning, but I did want to distract you.” As performance art they’re pretty cool though.

  59. Lara Says:

    I would love this crap! If you think this is weird then you are really boring, it doesn’t have to be this kinda stuff but its thoughtful! ^_^

  60. Mayo Says:

    Choclate on the sheets is about as horny as is gets !

    Whole lota lickin to be done !!

  61. Venice Says:

    These are thoughtful, creative, and sweet. Any spouse that does any of these for the significant other is showing they are willing to put some thought and work into that person. The only one that I wouldn’t want done is the furniture. I would kill my husband if he rearranged my stuff in the middle of the floor. To those that think these are stalker like must have never been in a long, loving relationship before.

  62. thomas Says:

    so much better then ordinary romantic shit!

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  65. lucia Says:

    Well, depends… but I have a feeling that this is what he does instead of getting a job, doing the dishes, taking her to the movies.. and other simpler, less dramatic ways of saying ‘i love you’ which are important in the end. Or this is what follows the intense fights.. I’m sure it’s a very passionate relationship. If he does the other important stuff to make a relationship work, then (occasionally) it is sweet with these kind of bonus attentions.

  66. Regina Says:

    hey why is everyone writing negative comments? i loved it!!!

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  68. ditze Says:

    He’s a pleaser, and she will leave him for his weakness soon

  69. Rebecca Says:

    I feel like the guy sees this as a great, thoughtful way to express his feelings while the girl sees it as a big mess he’s not going to bother to clean up afterward.

    Why arrange all her stuff in a heart when you could just straight up say you love her? Less cleanup.

  70. rebecca cherkoss Says:

    love all of them! fridge is my favorite! haters, calm down!

  71. kid Says:

    All those people who think that these arent sweet, you just havent seen the look on someones face when you do this sort of thing. Also, the fridge isnt a hannibal reference, and thats paper on the bed, noone would put that much chocolate on white sheets.

  72. Girl Says:

    I think these are so cute from a girls perspective. If a Guy wrote that on my bed, it would be sooooo sweet<3

  73. Trish Says:

    It is AWESOME when guys do stuff like this… I’ve never had a boyfriend, but my best friend (who happens to be a boy) does sort of similar things. He’ll write random little notes to me on Facebook, or text me with “Good morning, Beautiful!” or buy me candy grams when they’re selling at school. It doesn’t even have to be something material to make a girl happy… like when I was afraid to ride Splash Mountain for the first time, and he wrapped his arms around me and walked with me that way through the entire line. Or when we were sitting next to each other on a long bus ride for senior trip and I was trying to fall asleep against the hard, flat window… before he said “Lean this way,” and wrapped his arm around me and let me fall asleep on his shoulder. Best. Guy friend. EVER. <3 Guys, take note of this… it's the little things that matter most. Even if it doesn't seem like it matters to us, we will remember. :)

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  75. Sheri Says:

    Is the “have” in the first picture made of Pockey??

  76. gopher Says:

    as a woman, this is the most adorable thing in the world. if things like this happened every day, itd be a little odd and a little creepy. but every few weeks, or on special occasions? though I admit the fridge is a little creepy. littttle bit. but I love being surprised by my boyfriend.

  77. energy monitoring Says:

    (: People are lucky to have someone care about them enough to go through the trouble of showing them in ways likes these. I find them to be absolutely adorable.

  78. Eddy Says:

    So clearly they’re not for everyone, but i like them !

  79. Jeremy Says:

    Men shouldn’t be so afraid of things like this. There beautiful

  80. Tanya Says:

    Nawwwww those are sooo cute ^^ (im a girl) i loovedd the 1st 2 i would die if my bf would do that ;( … im planning to opne tis page by “accident”next to him lol

  81. Eric Says:

    She will probably dump him (or cheat on him) ultimately.

  82. Fiona Says:

    …or you could be a good boyfriend.

    Not every girl wants to be smothered with gifts or romantic gestures. Personally, I’d rather be taken somewhere fun, have an evening together or just be kissed or hugged spontaneously or something. It’s not that I find this creepy, but it’s distancing. It’s like the guy’s worshipping you. That’s not what being in a relationship is about.

  83. dann Says:

    that’s really cool

  84. Hannah Says:

    I think people are creeped by these messages of affection because they have had experiences where someone starts doing stuff like this to them after the first date. The only guys I have known to do stuff like this have always turned out to be creeps in the end. They always started leaving notes after the first time at my home as well. So yeah, I find this way of showing affection to be CREEPY.

  85. Hannah Says:

    Fiona is dead on the money!

  86. krisna Says:

    hahahaha maybe I should give my girlfriend a surprise

  87. Ash Says:

    these gestures are tailored to the relationship, they arent for you….
    I don’t understand why everyone is trying so hard to discredit these tokens of love, i.e by saying “he does things like this but he must not take her out….or kiss her”
    its pictures on a website…meant to be taken with a grain of salt
    relax….. and stop being jealous.

  88. Luke1988 Says:


  89. neomonni Says:

    @Blind Panic
    I think alot of them are cute, but that fridge one, kinda creepy, but I can say that I would still appreciate the thought.

  90. James S Says:

    This stuff would work great in a horror movie…

  91. Rick Says:

    scary! I would run for the hills.

  92. NaR Says:

    Why do people dislike this?

    I’d say this is the AWESOME side of dating an artist (:

    I think it’s lovely and also VERY creative.

  93. mxpixy Says:

    umm these are all super sweet even though the bath tub one is a little weird haha the fridge is weird but hey its the thought that counts.

  94. meeeee Says:

    hagavelli –if my man put candy on my sheets they would be getting dirty anyway so the chocolate wouldn’t matter.

    these are soooo sweet. the arms one has me wondering tho i think there is something in there just want to know what.

    I used to do things like this for my ex-husband. can’t say they really helped the relationship though.

  95. Dr Evil Says:

    People have way too much freakin time on their hands. If you have that much time, get a effin job losers.

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  97. James Says:

    These were alright, until the fridge. My first impression of the hands was that it’s kind of creepy, but that passed.
    But the fridge… I don’t know, maybe women see it differently. But as a guy, I think any girl would be a bit creeped out if her fridge said ” I want to eat you baby.” even if her significant other put it there. maybe if it said “I want to eat you up” or something, but not that.

  98. Jess Says:

    I think everyone had one that really freaked them out; for me it was the fridge. Mostly because I really don’t want all my food hacked into before I get a chance to eat it, but also because it just gives me echoes of Jeffrey Dahmer.

    The others…they’re cute. I would like to see some spontaneous displays of affection from my boyfriend once in a while; who wouldn’t?

  99. ashley Says:

    the hands one: obviously her present was that he made the bubble bath for her. Still creepy either way. Fridge:yuck.

  100. ark Says:

    I’m really bothered by the intense analysis of everyone about how this person’s relationship is doomed because he worships her, and doesn’t have a job (wtf kind of an assumption is that), or even that he does them every single day so its really creepy. Considering that it’s a book, I would assume its just art prompting people to be more creative about the way we express for each other. What’s creepy about loving someone? To assume that its an unhealthy relationship or stalker-like is really sad and I hope you all get over yourselves and find love. It’s really too bad that people are unable to see it just as an act of love.

  101. Emily Says:

    if I came home to a heart made of junk in the middle of the floor, I’d be kind of irritated.

  102. faith Says:

    Okay, first of all severed arms above the tub really creep me out. Then I thought who the hell would have time to spell eat and want out of beef and carrots?
    Oh, I get it. He’s unemployed and to thank his sugar mama for all her hard work he goes around making messes and carving messages into his watermelon.

  103. Me Says:

    The first one is kind of cute, although I would be pretty creeped out if random people started to actually follow the instructions (which I’m sure some people would), The second one is awesome, the third one would make me mad, the fridge should have said something less awkward like I love you, and I have been trying to figure out the last one for the last five minutes and it still makes no sense to me.

  104. Destiny Says:

    I love these! And I would love if my boyfriend did this for me! The first 3 are sweet and the fridge one is strange yet funny. My reply would be “you wrote the word eat in hamburger meat… I love you so much” and the bathtub one would scare me when I walked in, but I love it! To those who say they are creepy, I disagree. I believe you should be able to have fun and be weird in any relationship.

  105. Katiee Says:

    i wish my boyfriend would do stuff like this for me :(

  106. Katiee Says:

    its cuuuute, not creepy.

  107. snuffel Says:

    chocolate all over the clean sheets! are you going to clean that up? and when are you going to go out and get a job!

  108. dawn Says:

    I love how no one pays attention to the fact at least 3 ppl have already told you its not sheets its paper. and have you really never told someone you love so much you could just eat them, thats just sad. you dont mean laterally eat them you mean kiss them all over and hug them like crazy. the tub i dont quite get either but i could think of some cute things. and how is this distent you come and see the sweet thing you man did how are you not going to jump all over him? sweet things lead to kissin and other fun duh. and dont get me started on the job i work 30 hrs and go to school full time but still find time to do cute things like that it doesn’t take all day maybe 10 min at most.

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