Speed of Light

April 14th, 2010

Speed of Light” is a series of immersive light installations by UnitedVisualArtists, it was commisioned by Virgin Media to celebrate the tenth anniversary of broadband in the UK. The installations explore the themes of communication and modernity. UnitedVisualArtists decided to use fibre optics as it’s a perfect fit to the broadband theme.
At the entrance, the visitors are asked a question, they can speak their answers into a microphone. That input is then used by several parts of the installation to guide the lasers. I’m pretty sure that it’s impossible to capture the whole experience with some photos. So if you’re in London, you can go and see “Speed of Light” at the Bargehouse till April 19th.

found at the Creative Review Blog

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  1. Pamela Daley Says:

    I really love to play all your videos at once – from one page or from one post. That worked particularly well for this post! Thanx :)(:

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