April 19th, 2010

Last Friday was the opening of SHOP, the WASTED GERMAN YOUTH store in Berlin. It’s going to be the retail space for the brand, but it will also be used as a gallery, office and studio. WASTED GERMAN YOUTH is Paul Snowden his brand and this is the story how it all started …

as history has it “i was sitting some sunday morning, in the garden at tresor, it was love parade, it was hot and the buzz was very good and all around, me, everyone, so super wang. i turned to my friend and said… these kids, all so fucked up. all of them, so off their fuckin faces. just wasted german youth. its just… wasted german youth” and there it was…

So if you’re around, go and check it out: Memhard Strasse 1, 10178 Berlin.
Photos by Spanier

By the way, Paul is actually a little bored and wants to get challenged to love his job once again. So you can submit your design project for Paul here and maybe when it tickles his fancy, he might give away his skills for free.

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