Get Back In Your Book

April 29th, 2010

Get Back In Your Book” by Lissy Laricchia, is series of photos where different fairy tale characters getting sucked into their respective titles.

found at bumbumbum via hundertmark

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  2. Daniel Says:

    I’m not sure why the women shouldn’t have shoes; but, given that they would be barefoot, it probably would have been best to clean the floor.

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  6. Dan Says:

    That is the shit!!!!!

  7. @JaiMachado Says:

    Beautiful! :)

  8. Chelsey Says:

    Daniel: I was thinking the exact same thing.

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  10. Maddie Says:

    this is gorgeous! wonderful work. very whimsical.

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  12. dogfood Says:

    Is this ‘the ugliest feet on the planet’ show?

    anyways this must be genuine art because i don’t have a clue what this is about

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  15. milK Says:

    Dogfood, try reading the title & added information for a change.

    And yes, I wondered about the bare, and very dirty, feet as well… I very much doubt it adds in any way to the image itself.

  16. Joe Says:

    Where’s Cinderella and her bucket.

  17. Becky Says:

    I like that they have dirty feet. Wendy has dirty feet because she explored Neverland with Peter Pan and it would make sense considering that she was only wearing slippers when she flew over there. Belle has dirty feet because she ran through a forest…I’m pretty sure that her heels would’ve come off sometime during that. This is amazing and I am still trying to figure out the method used to make the models stay in the air without motion blurs. Or is the photographer very good at photoshopping out wires and such?

  18. Rebecca Says:

    Note: The model is the photographer.

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  20. Haley Says:

    I’m not sure why some of you feel the need to complain about the model’s feet being dirty, but I think these pictures are excellent. They have a very dreamy feel.

    – On a side note, I don’t think art always has to “mean” something, it can be just that, ART.

  21. James Says:

    Amazing, although…thought I saw these before!

  22. Krysten Says:

    You can obviously tell that the women were laying on top of something that was them edited out….especially in the one of Belle from beauty in the beast, It may just be me and my pickiness but I also feel as though you can see the outline of the objects from where they were edited out….however GREAT concept and overall beautiful images!

  23. Krysten Says:

    either that or the girl who posed for belle is just incredibly skinny

  24. Opinionated Says:

    Yeah… the dirty feet sort of ruin the overall beauty of the shots.

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  27. The White Death Says:

    The last one is clearly supposed to be Beauty and The Beast, but my first thought was Le Petit Prince.

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