Porcelain Chairs

April 30th, 2010

These porcelain chairs by Sam Durant, are reproductions of different styles of mono-block resin chairs. Exactly those kind of chairs which you can find all over the world and super ugly. But these colors and the porcelain make them look ok again.

found at acidolatte

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    […] Sam Durant. (via today and tomorrow) […]

  2. spinyol Says:

    I think they looked ok before as well. And probably the interesting thing is not about making them beautiful but rather the interest int the process of making them unique and fragile, and therefore re-thinking the concept of object, use and beauty.

  3. Sillas monoblock de porcelana | DecoLuxe Says:

    […] Sam Durant ofrece su propia versión de este icono de exteriores, posiblemente la pieza de mobiliario más barata y universal que existe, redefiniendo su concepto para darle el valor estético que nunca tuvo. Super originales. […]

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    […] Porcelain Chairs by Sam Durant — Dopo la glorificazione dell’usa-e-getta quotidiano ad opera di Seletti, ecco una riproduzione in porcellana dipinta a mano di un’icona-orrore di globabiltà e industrializzazione: le sedie in plastica da giardino. Via. […]

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    […] de todo el mundo. Esta vez, siguiendo con la fuilosofía de Warhol de que lo cotidiano es arte Sam Durant ofrece su propia versión de este icono de exteriores, posiblemente la pieza de mobiliario más […]

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