Hypertemporality Animations

May 5th, 2010

“Hypertemporality Animations” by Peter Baldes.

Hypertemporality Animations are a series of gif files layed out in a table and due to network conditions, browser idiosyncrasies, and client behavior act dynamically. try reloading them. try different browsers

Table Experiment

Gradient Hue


found at Rhizome

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  1. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Just my daily two cents Says:

    […] Hypertemporality Animations | today and tomorrow So animierte Gifs. Geile Gifs. Geometrisch und auch bisserl bunt. […]

  2. Peter Baldes | Cross-Reference - The Personal Blog of Jan Kordylewski Says:

    […] gotta click through to the animated examples here and here. These are just awesome, the perfect blend of simplicity combined with knowing and […]

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