Chladni Singing

May 20th, 2010

Meara O’Reilly can sing salt patterns. Euh what? By singing certain tones, she can create resonant patterns with salt scattered on an Chladni plate. I know this sounds weird, in both ways, but watch the video to see the patterns shift from one into another.

found at booooooom!

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  1. XimeR Says:

    Awesome, love the figures!

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  3. » Creando Arte con la Voz Says:

    […] Meara O’Reilly modela sus trabajos artísticos con sal. asís es, utiliza sal común sobre un tipo de bocina llamado Chladni Plate donde por medio de la resonancia de las notas de su voz crea patrones de sonido que se pueden ver por en la sal. Vía: T&T […]

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  6. Amy Says:

    got here from The Bloggess. I love it, and not just because it made my dog freak out and run around the house barking. That was just a bonus.

  7. Appelogen » Feedreaderopkuis #1 Says:

    […] 10. Zandpatronen zingen. […]

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