May 20th, 2010

Itay Ohaly question the function of packaging (to protect a product in transit) and came up with the Unpacking concept. He uses the packaging of the product to manufacture the product itself. The packaging of this stool is also the mold of the object. It defines and influences its form and surface. In this case the manufacturer doesn’t open the mold anymore but the consumer. As you can see in the pictures, it’s practically impossible to remove the PU foam completely. Itay also developed some vases with this unique packaging & production process. Very cool!

found at designboom

8 Responses to “Unpacking”

  1. robweeve Says:

    after pulling off most of the foam, wash the rest off with acetone. the foam will “vanish” in acetone, however, maybe the artist likes the textural effect of the small chunks of foam.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Cute, but there’s a quality-inspection problem here.

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  4. StefanoM Says:

    Why would you need to remove that foam at all? The white cube stool is way better than the grey one.
    And as time passes the skeleton will emerge in any case.

  5. gimmy Says:

    The first thing that popped in my head is exactly what stefano wrote – he’s just creating waste. And he made a internal structure – but then I thought Why at all? , its the ugliest piece of art design furniture I’ve ever seen and he just wasted a bunch of foam that really isn’t what people mainly pack with. plus it just reminds me of max lamb’s stool that he made at the beach with molten metal – which was way better since there was no waste created.

  6. the punisher! Says:

    another great example!


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