Collection Baron

May 31st, 2010

Are these 2 pieces designed by Sam Baron still furniture? Or are they more art? Either way, I like them.


“la ronde”

found at yatzer

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  1. C. L. Says:

    These are not “more art.” They are art.

    Or, as Alice Rawsthorn once wrote, for The New York Times: “Some things seem doomed to be disliked, and a recent recruit to their ranks is “design-art,” the limited edition furniture that sells for vertiginous prices at auction.”

    But even designer-art is disingenuous as a word. It’s like saying religious-science, or nuclear-gastronomy. Not all disciplines want to merge.

    Pieter, for a popular blog of so many “things that I like,” you seem quite unsure of what design and art are to begin with. Would love to see a more intelligent commentary from you. Otherwise, the blog just comes across as another flow of illegible likedy like-likes.

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