Underwater Base Jump

June 9th, 2010

Free Fall is a video made by the freedivers Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier. You can see Guillaume doing a base jump into Dean’s Blue Hole. They say it’s a fictional and artistic project, they wanted to show another approach to freediving videos. Even Julie, who filmed everything with a Canon 5D Mark II, hold her breath the whole time. The result is awesome.

found at kottke

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  10. Tim Halberg Says:

    ok… seriously epic!!!! beautifully done!

  11. Ora Says:

    this is my best moment for today so far.

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    [...] diving and the underwater world makes us go crazy over Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier’s Base Jump video. [...]

  13. Ahurey M Says:

    great work, no one else could have done better!

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