A Vinyl And CD Release On One Disc

June 10th, 2010

Jeff Mills latest release, The Occurrence, is pressed on a hybrid CD. One side is just a normal CD, the other is a 5″ vinyl pressing which you can play on a turntable. How cool is that?

found at PSFK

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  1. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Hybrid: Vinyl-CD von Jeff Mills Says:

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  2. Blaze Says:

    Good luck getting that record stable on your turntable with that giant hole in the middle.

  3. FoveaH Says:

    This is definitely astonishing.

  4. rene Says:

    blaze: it shouldn’t be a problem. just position it carefully, and the needle will oscillate naturally to any amount of offset the position of the CD has.

  5. rory Says:

    this will be the first cd i have purchased in a long time. way to go mills!!!

  6. Vinyl-CD-Zwitter [LangweileDich.net – We blog to entertain you!] Says:

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  7. theyurinator Says:

    It’s actually rather retarded.. Literally just a record glues on to a cd.

  8. Vinyl of cd? Jeff Mills zorgt voor een oplossing | gratis mp3 downloaden | Niet voor: Leningen, lenen, geld, hypotheek, geld! Says:

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  9. cz Says:

    “it shouldn’t be a problem. just position it carefully, and the needle will oscillate naturally to any amount of offset the position of the CD has.”

    not entirely true. with an off center record the angular velocity changes thus changing the relative pitch of the sound. this can be only very subtle or it can be dramatic. an adapter of some sort should have been included to minimize this.

    that being said, it’s just a gimmick, but i like it.

  10. Ed Says:


    it does come with an adaptor. i bought the non vinyl version but both my friends who imported the vinyl/cd version from japan (it was available in japan a while before axis was stocking it) got a little adaptor with it.

  11. Ed Says:

    the adaptor can be seen in the packshot in this blog post about it: http://www.yurisuzuki.com/blog/2010/05/01/a-project-with-mr-jeff-mills/

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  13. 154 Says:

    Dont stick it into your Macbook, it wont come out without a fight(took me about an hour and some mad terminal-business)


  14. Vinyl and CD, together on one discInBeta | InBeta Says:

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  15. -M@ Says:

    to set the record straight…it’s a full playing 80min cd, they come with an insert to play on any record player and they were fairly expensive when i checked nearly a year ago. while it would be possible to have the grooves pressed into the CD, the tooling costs would make that unrealistic so the layered technique makes the most sense. also, not to discount Jeff Mills but several people have done their releases on these..really not a big deal and definitely not a brand new thing.

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  19. Dj Thulani Alex Says:

    Well i have’nt seen it phisically or touched it but i think it would be good thing, cause i’m one of the Dj’s that wants the vynl legacy to continue.I found the vynl on this planet and surely would love to leave it here for the next generation to come. Thanks Dj Thulani Alex (South Africa)

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