He Wears It

June 17th, 2010

“He Wears It”, star wars fashion illustrations by John Woo.

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    […] John Woo illustrates Star Wars Homme fashion. […]

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    […] what Star Wars characters wear when they aren’t regulating the galaxy? Nah, me neither. But Today and Tomorrow recently ran some wicked fashion illustrations by John Woo using Star Wars characters. Scope them […]

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    […] hace mucho, hoy y mañana paseó en su blog algo perfecto para el esta sección: He wears it, de John Woo. Casi como fichas […]

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    […] is seriously cool: illustrator John Woo has created a series of drawings of old Star Wars characters in various modern…. According to Woo, Darth Vader wears Band of Outsiders, Stormtroopers wear Thom Browne, Jar Jar […]

  10. wytwor_zwrotny Says:

    completly awsome!

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