July 2nd, 2010

TOMORROW IS TODAY is a video installation by Nikolaj Recke.

A film from the date line in Fiji at Taveuni Island
The video show two parallel projections, one from each side of the date line, thus conceptually creating a visual space where you can simultaneously perceive two days; a space that does not exists in physical reality and a space where there are principally no todays, just yesterdays and tomorrows.

refound at pietmondriaan

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  1. » La Instalación Artística que no Tiene Presente, Solo Pasado y Futuro Says:

    […] Se trata de una instalación artística ubicada en el meridiano de Fiji en la Isla Taveuni donde se marca un cambio de fecha, por lo que de un lado de la línea es un día y del otro es otro día. una cámara está enfocada hacía el “pasado” y la otra hacia el “futuro” ya que se supone que le línea es el presente donde en la imagen aparece solo el pasado o el futoro, no hay presente.vía: T&T […]

  2. Mike B Says:

    Wouldn’t this be true for only an hour a day (just like every other line between two time zones)? The international date-line is only a line between two days at noon GMT, and the line between two days circumnavigates the globe every day, switching time-zones every hour. Additionally, it’s not tomorrow and yesterday, it’s today and tomorrow or today and yesterday, depending on which side you’re standing on. I don’t think you can get rid of today. Although maybe I’m missing something…

  3. David Says:

    I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this as I flew to Singapore this spring.

    Everybody gets to straddle two days no matter where they are at some point in the day: just wait til it’s midnight, and then right at that moment, hop across the room — you’ve jumped from today to tomorrow. Look back across, and you’re looking at what used to be today, except now it’s yesterday.

    The cool thing about the international date line is that if you cross it, you always change a day: go east, and you’ve gone from today into tomorrow. Go west, and you’ve gone from today into yesterday.

    Only at midnight on the international date line does this not work: then there is no “tomorrow” or “yesterday” — only “today” — cross the date line and you’ve gone from late night to early morning — on the same day. How cool is that?

  4. nrecke Says:

    @Mike B.. I used 2 cameras at the same time one on each side of the meridian… So the images are like you describe, yesterdays and tomorrows… but as you say recorded “today”, but the images in the camera are yesterdays and tomorrows… So only viewed 2 channel video way, you get rid of “today” (in theory) -thanks!

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