Pressed Chair

July 5th, 2010

Pressed Chair is a light, stackable metal chair stamped out of a 2.5 mm aluminium sheet. The value of the design excels in the intent of creating a piece out of one single material without any joints or connectors. Furthermore the manufacturing produces no waste material and is 100% recyclable. Designed by Harry Thaler.

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  1. Chaise pressée par Harry Thaler | Blog Esprit-Design : tendance Design / Deco Says:

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  2. Nate Davis Says:

    It’s the Eames chair for a colder, less natural age!

  3. gimmy Says:

    No waste? what about the rest of the sheet of metal? theres always waste – each sheet you get 1 or more then the leftover has to be melted down re-poured etc. etc. waste – nrg, offgassing, carbon – blah. btw, alot of the early industrial age chairs are made in this way-

  4. nick Says:

    The chair is probably designed so it can tessellate across the entire sheet of metal that the blanks are cut from. So no, gimmy, there is not always waste. At least not if the designer had any brains about them.

  5. Sean Says:

    You could buy this and then be mad at yourself for paying $700 for a chair made out of an old Honda hood. Or you could just buy one nice comfortable chair………

  6. Flapjack Says:

    Now that just looks uncomfortable. Very redolent of school chairs.

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