The Revolving Internet & Uneven Google

July 12th, 2010

The Revolving Internet is the internet revolving. Nothing more, nothing less. Constant Dullaart made this after he saw Uneven Google by Chris Collins, which is Google but uneven by 1 degree. Both work in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The Revolving Internet by Constant Dullaart

Uneven Google by Chris Collins:

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  3. lynn Says:

    doesn’t work with internet explorer :-(

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  5. Justfew Says:

    Agree with Lynn up there…but makes me and can search

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  7. Anne Says:

    Uneven google DOES NOT work with my computer. How am I supposed to know now? This literally sucks.

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  9. Jim Bornzin Says:

    Who is the artist singing “Windmills of Your Mind?”

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  11. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @Jim Dusty Springfield

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  13. Canuck Says: will work in either IE or most other browsers.

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