Empty City

July 21st, 2010

This is a guest post by spanier.

they are building a empty city for nobody!

hamburg is one of those cities which right now gets massively gentrificated. in the last 10-20 years they’ve built so much big, ugly, empty useless office spaces. and apparently nobody really needs those offices since more than a million square meters are unoccupied.

the sad thing about this is that the law here doesn’t allow you to live in an office building. so the living space is getting rare and extremely expensive. i am looking since 3-4 years for a nice flat for
my girlfriend and me. no chances to get something payable.

i planned to do this series some time ago but never did it. when pieter asked me to participate at the 5 years birthday of today and tomorrow, it was a perfect motivation to get on my bike and start shooting. all shots were in a circle of 4 km around the place i live in, the harbour.

5 Responses to “Empty City”

  1. msm Says:

    same here in berlin, this is so ca-ca.

  2. Lorca Says:

    Great! BIG Problem here in Hamburg.

  3. zwacklmann Says:

    If what you say is true and ther is a significant excess of office space available at a certain point in time, an application for “Nutzungs√§nderung” should be successful.

  4. vs Says:

    Another similar project with the descriptive title “SIGN OF THE TIMES” on London’s void. The photographic capture of empty spaces in the City of London (May 2010) was initiated by the organisers of the This Is Not A Gateway Festival in their current effort of finding a venue for their upcoming festival, 22-24 October in London.
    http://www.thisisnotagateway.net/, can be found under “Latest: NEW ‘Sign Of The Time’ GALLERY”

  5. oli Says:

    well done,
    just may be you should update as well a google map.
    it will be worth sharing.
    most of capital cities, and main large cities are facing this issues.
    may be an international association movement need to be created.

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