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July 21st, 2010

This is a guest post by Costas Voyatzis of yatzer.

The first time I came upon Today & Tomorrow was somewhere in Athens, Greece in the middle of December 2007. Regardless of dates & location, I fell in love with its content immediatelly.  After that I spent a lot of hours catching up on the posts that had been published since the 21st July 2005, and today I have to admit that I am one of its thousand avid readers.

Last week I received an invitation which I couldn’t reject.  Pieter, the man behind Today & Tomorrow,  kindly asked me to send him a post due to his 5th anniversary.  So here it is, inspired by the compelling DIY (Do It Yourself) culture, a fashion shoot which was published in the latest WAD magazine, “The R-Evolution issue” No45.

Ndeur (Mathieu Missiaen) and Make a Paper World (Julien Morin), two French artists who compose Le Creative Sweatshop,  designed a series of paper fashion accessories exclusively for WAD magazine.  The accessories seem to be part of the models as you can see through the eyes of photographer Matthieu Deluc.  According to Mathieu and Julien “Creativity is all around us – it is something you must constantly work on,  whereas the more you are surrounded by a creative environment the more creative you become – creativity is an everyday job and consists of hard work’.

The French duo really know what creativity means and I’m 100% sure that Pieter has the same belief.

Please keep stimulating our fantasy and feed our inspiration with your selections which will always be irresistible.

Happy Birthday Today & Tomorrow…..

Costas Voyatzis //

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