The Animated GIF SPEED SHOW – The Aftermath

July 23rd, 2010

So it’s been 24 hours since today and tomorrow’s 5th birthday SPEED SHOW: animated GIFs.
It’s time to thank the 18 animated GIF artists! But of course also everyone who showed up at the event. I hope you all liked it.
I guess some of you would have been there if they were in Berlin last night. Your support is very much appreciated!
There wouldn’t have been a SPEED SHOW if F.A.T. Lab and Aram Bartholl didn’t came up with this format.
A big thank you to everyone!

For those of you who want to see the 18 animated GIF’s, here’s the list:

1. MILADY by Nicolas Sassoon

2. Gate to night / Gate to Day by Michael Bell Smith

3. 18 by teenocide

4. Disease by Jacob Broms Engblom

5. untitled by davidope (dvdp)


7. other_slab by Brandon Jan Blommaert

8. Young Ron J. by Mark Portillo

9. Shapes by Travess Smalley

10. JUMPJUMPJUMP Symetry by Francoise Gamma

11. Til You’re Blue in the Face by Laura Brothers

12. Clown by REED + RADER

13. Bison by Harm van den Dorpel

14. Playing Fields With Wind by Xavier Barrade

15. vvave by Constant Dullaart

16. Cross by Princess Hijab

17. Dog Drip by Petra Cortright

18. Data Glut by Evan Roth (NSFW)

And here’re a few snapshots from the event.

9 Responses to “The Animated GIF SPEED SHOW – The Aftermath”

  1. John Patrick Says:

    Congrats on this lustrum!! You are one of the few sites I visit on a day to day basis, because your posts inspire and make me hungry for more. Keep it up, Today&Tomorrow rocks!


  2. Olof Says:

    I think it’s number 18 and not 17 that’s supposed to say NSFW. And I just got fined 100€ for not stopping at a stop sign, RIDING MY BICYCLE! So I’m too pissed off to make a joke about it.

  3. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    well Olof, it depends how you see it
    but I’ve changed it. thanks for letting me know

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  6. chris Says:

    man-o-man, what a lineup! packed house, too. congrats!

  7. Katrin Says:

    Oh no! I totally missed this one!

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