Laser Cut Phono Record

August 6th, 2010

Back In” from Laser is probably the first laser cut plexi phono record. A few weeks ago, Niklas Roy and Jari Suominen had the chance to use a laser cutter at timelab’s fablab. So they decided to make a record with 8 track loops.
They used a vector program to draw the actual record. With different line colours they could modulate the laser’s intensity. They also experimented with different depths of the groove within one loop like in track 6. Track 2 is something like a random noise experiment where the needle  jumps in a different way over the grooves, each time the track is played. So every track has a different idea.
In the video, Jari explains the whole project and at the end you can listen to all 8 tracks.

The vector design:

The laser cur plexi phono record:

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  3. simon Says:

    humour seems to be elusive to the germans.

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  6. lasern Says:

    It’s not the first laser cut record, we started experimenting with laser cut sound last year:

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