Ratatat – Drugs

August 11th, 2010

Do you know stock imagery and stock footage? Yes? Then you might recognize some faces in the music video for Drugs by Ratatat. Carl Burgess searched the Getty Images archives and turned the footage into this amazing video. You’ll smile watching this one!
Produced by Blink Art & Colonel Blimp.

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  1. The Storialist Says:


  2. Kevin Says:

    holy crap. i use stock images all the time. how did i not think of this!!!?? so awesome….

  3. Daniel Says:

    Good G_d! Getty Images turned on itself!

  4. xendless Says:

    Wow, the woman at 1:15 looks like PhotoBooth’s ‘pinch’ effect!

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  6. Chick Says:

    Saw this the other day via his site- Just love this work it is perfect. I dont know how it is for others, but for me it seems to capture everything that the subconcious picks up.. and makes you view it rather than store it away to dream it later :D

  7. Benjamin Hancock Says:

    Another great one is “Artist Starring at Camera” http://vimeo.com/908317
    Still has the Getty Images water mark.

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  9. hort Says:

    early this year we did also a music video with stock material

    based on a whole graphic concept

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