East Eric

August 12th, 2010

East Eric paints all kinds of things monochrome.

When an object or space is painted in monochrome, it is no longer recognized as what it was before. It adopts a completely different shape, a new identity, another character.

found at rebel:art

11 Responses to “East Eric”

  1. Seb Says:

    Useless fact :

    Some years ago, east eric was part of a grafitti crew called “le 33”, where you could also find a guy named “Koudlam”, the last winter big musical hype in Paris .

    Always loved East Eric/ Le 33 work.

  2. wedz Says:



  3. Rod Says:

    Erm… sorry but I can still see a bench, a rock, rails and rubble.

  4. Emily Says:

    Looks great, great concept, but I’m sure the atmosphere isn’t too happy about those fumes.

  5. Jess Says:

    I hope that paint is biodegradable or eco-friendly at least. There’s nothing beautiful about smearing greenery with toxic paint.

  6. Ajani Says:

    Great idea/concept!

    East Eric for the win.

  7. gergo Says:

    yes, it is good, but she is the best! – http://www.katharinagrosse.com/

  8. aerobuffet Says:

    Gods Hand,F…ing Perfect!

  9. EE Says:

    @GERGO : you have to know that katharina is inspired by graffiti writers ..a lot !!!! ;)

  10. gergo Says:

    … and now, the graffiti artists are inspired by katherina? )

  11. meh Says:

    the end results look like shit!

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