Little Big Berlin

August 25th, 2010

Little Big Berlin is beautiful edited film by Pilpop. It’s not just some shots of Berlin landmarks in tilt shift style, but also some nice observations of people in the city.

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  2. Stewart Says:

    very nice. although: it looks like a faked tilt-shift to me, would be great if it was a real one.

  3. carlo Says:

    Berlin is wonderful. I feel the real zeitgeist here !

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  5. Lewis Jones Says:

    hey, hes copied a lot of shots from cityshrinker… i like cityshrinkers color treatment better!

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  10. Chris Says:

    Great film…does anyone know where i can get some information on the BLUE STRUCTURE that starts at 8:08 through 8:16? If you have any information that might help me track down any info. that would be great…Thanks in advance…C

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  14. yeray Says:

    impresive ! nice work

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