October 25th, 2010

Extremity by Emilio Gomariz.

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  1. ajani.ca blog » Animations By Visual Artist, Emilio Gomariz Says:

    [...] Check out a couple of his animations from his “Extremity” series, below (via Today And Tomorrow). [...]

  2. phon Says:

    the never-ending goatse?

  3. Animated GIF of the Day: “Extremity” by Emilio… | Thavage Amusement - Your daily dose of humor, jokes and mirth Says:

    [...] [tnt.] [...]

  4. Animated GIF of the Day: “Extremity” by Emilio… | weeklypop Says:

    [...] [tnt.] [...]

  5. Interactive Triangulation | DMN LGSH Says:

    [...] [irgendwie via TodayAndTomorrow] [...]

  6. Adapt » Blog Archive » Trippy and pretty II Says:

    [...] a quick follow up to my post last Thursday, here’s some more animated trippy-ness care of Today and Tomorrow again. This makes me feel sick on more the one [...]

  7. DAMN « Connceptdesign Says:

    [...] Extremity by Emilio Gomariz. [...]

  8. Teknologeek.com » Extremity Says:

    [...] La Obra: Extremity de Emilio Gomariz un diseñador industrial y director de arte español. Tiene varias obras y les recomiendo que vean su sito web.  Simplemente Hipnotizante. Lo pueden seguir en: twitter,  flickr y  vimeo. Vía: Today&tomorrow [...]

  9. Benjamin Simon Says:

    Wow! It’s really awesome!!! How did you do that? Cinema 4D?

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