Studies 1

January 17th, 2011

Studies 1 by reblololo.

found at PAINTED,ETC.

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  1. Mike Says:


  2. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Scroll die Mona Lisa Says:

    […] (via Today and Tomorrow) […]

  3. ZBC Says:

    let me get this straight: someone finds a little trick with hiding an image and what they do with this find is a sketch of the mona lisa? and this blog has the audacity to peddle this garbage? today and tomorrow needs a quality check, because this is absolutely ridiculous

  4. n Says:


  5. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    I appreciate your concern about the quality of today and tomorrow,
    but today and tomorrow isn’t about quality.

  6. The Flickering Mona | FEELguide Says:

    […] Source: T&T […]

  7. 5tereo5ilence Says:

    just amazing!

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