Book Of Art

January 18th, 2011

Books of Art by Isaac Salazar, a simple idea well executed.

found at ffffound

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  1. Christopher Jobson Says:

    Heads up, the artist is Isaac Salazar, Veronica is his wife. Info here:

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  9. Soleil Says:

    Je pense que le livre rêve était vraiment mignon. il m’a fait vraiment plaisir.

  10. rabianrussian Says:

    woww, that’s so full of creation ! :D

  11. Yowza! Says:

    WOW! Very, very nice! What a great piece of art. Thank you for sharing!

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  14. Sayne Says:

    Well I’d love to read, but you’ve destroyed my book… thanks!

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  16. Madamsha Says:

    You just blew my mind.

  17. Logo Design Says:

    Wowww, this is awesome. Book sculpturing at its best

  18. Teragram Says:

    Thats really cool and everything but…now you cant read the book….

  19. David Says:

    stop destroying books

  20. simpletutors Says:

    @David: Books are not destroyed here..thy are just folded….any way hats off to Isaac Salazar

  21. Sancar Seçkiner Says:

    do u really think this is art ? or just crap ????????????

  22. Dizzle Says:

    There are hundreds of crappy books out there that should be turned into art

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  24. Weez Says:

    what in the name of all that is good and pure in the world, would posses someone to destroy books like this?!

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  26. pinkflamingo61 Says:

    WOW! This is wonderful!

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  28. Dan Says:

    Are you effing kidding me? What is with all of you mental midgets complaining about “destroying a book”? Are you seriously overlooking the immense skill, talent and creativity it would take to pull something like this off? If anything this furthers the notion that reading allows one to “create” and “dream”. If these books could speak I’m sure they’d be ecstatic to be displayed in such a way. So to all you whiners, pull that stick out of your ass and see the forest through the trees.

    All I have to say is this work is stunningly creative and hats off to the ARTIST who realized this beautiful creation.

  29. Britt Says:

    I love books…why make them unusable?

  30. Kevikna Says:

    Geez, that’s amazing how this guy can do that?

  31. Wow. Says:

    Even thout this is really pretty and cool, it is a waste of books.

  32. Elizabeth Says:

    looks to awesome to be real

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  35. Adriana Coy Says:

    So cool. I liked it a lot.

  36. Sander Versteeg Says:

    This one is very inspiring

  37. ilham Says:

    This is truly exquisite! It takes a handful of patience and perseverance to create something as impressive as this. A salute to the artist! There are thousands and thousands of books all over the world, not to mention the numbers of copies per book, so why complain about A few books? Would you thought of doing something as unique as this?

  38. cherryberry Says:

    i love this!!!!!!!!!!! as kids we used to fold pages but defnly not on this level! :p

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  40. Darla Says:

    Oh well, one book down a million more where it came from. And I am sure no one complains about it cause the books has been paid for, and the books aren’t alive so stop being so damn pessimistic and get a life. I love art. I love this and if you don’t like it. Go jump off a bridge cause you’ll do humanity a favor.

  41. Andrea Says:

    Yeah…What Dan said!! Seriously, these are an amazing work of art. So unique! As many people as there are that THROW AWAY books this is a very creative way to recycle them!! Come on people, for obviously liking to read you really should have more of an open mind.

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  43. Tanner Says:

    For anyone interested:

    The first book is Adored by Tilly Bagshawe.
    The second book is The Shadow of Blooming Grove: Warren G. Harding in his Times by Francis Russell.
    The third book is The Millionaires by Brad Meltzer.

  44. stevo Says:

    if you’re gonna say “waste of books” i’ll say books are a waste of trees

  45. Devesh Says:

    Kudos to the vision of the artist. Amazing piece of creativity. Cheers.

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  47. Roz Says:

    What a beautiful way to ‘tease’ people into curiousity! Awesome.
    Thank you for the inspiration Isaac!

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  49. spenny Says:

    read what?… the book you just ruined?

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  52. BLOK Says:

    I think it kicks ass. As many copies of the sh***y twighligt books there are out there this guy could make them something at least nice to look at.

  53. victoria Says:

    i love book sculptures. they require great skill and planning, i just wish they weren’t words like “dream” and so on. for me it puts them in that arts and crafts category. maybe he should try a word that a girl would not be using for her tramp stamp :)

  54. Bob Costa Says:

    There are many artists that have done better things with this medium. It is so dumb to carve “Read” into a book. What message does that send?

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  56. Veronica Salazar Says:

    Isaac Salazars Facebook Page regarding the book art:

  57. Jen Says:

    I hope they used really bad books to make this.

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  60. leapster Says:

    way to sabotage books, if you must why wouldn’t you at least make something more interesting. what if someone wanted to read that sometime. That is the point of books when you just want to read something, oops i carved it into little pieces. try whittling you can still be working with the same materials, and even make something useful.

  61. Koming Says:

    As much as it’s pretty, if the message was “go outside” it would make more sense.

    It’s like destroying a sculpture writing a message on it saying “go appreciate sculptures”.

  62. Tg Says:

    note to self, don’t lend this guy my books

  63. Suni Smith Brandt Says:

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!!! Makes the book look better than just sitting on a shelf in a bookcase at your home !!!! Very Intriguing and good way to use a used book that will never be read again !!!! BRAVO

  64. Kiah Says:

    I love these! And You people need to chill the hell out, THE PAGES ARE FOLDED, NOT CUT. You can unfold them, and read them again. Maybe you should pay a little more attention to detail instead of rushing to the comments and yelling OMG YOU RUIND THE BOOKS.

  65. Noah Hornberger Says:

    These inspire me!

  66. jane Says:

    it’s creative. it’s inventive. too bad i love books too much to fold or cut the pages like this. haha, but it is cute.



  68. Mahima Yadav Says:

    Its amazing…..what an art..
    fully appreciated…

  69. Rae Says:

    It looks really cool, but it hurts my soul to see books like this, unable to be read. It would have been better if they were just journals that had nothing written in them.

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  72. Alice Says:

    I love the concept but, like Rae, I find it sad to see books treated like simple pieces of origami paper. I love books and yes, it would have been a bit better to have used Journals with useless jibberish written in them for this particular project.

  73. Katie Says:

    How can you you appreciate the concept of this but not the execution? those complaining that the books are damaged or that this is some kind of sacrilage, rationality tells us that BOOKS are being changed, not the literature. and they arent being destroyed, just temporarily altered. anyway its not like these are first editions most likely, or books in a library. some of your souls are just too pure i guess…every time a page gets folded and angel loses its wings, right?

  74. Jane Says:

    Ils ont ruiné l’intégrité des pages de livre en les pliant. J’espère qu’ils n’étaient pas de bons livres…

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