The Wilhelm Scream

February 2nd, 2011

Here’s another track from James Blake his upcomming album: The Wilhelm Scream. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a hyped album, but it’s probably worth it.
Here’s the video for his other track: Limit To Your Love.

2 Responses to “The Wilhelm Scream”

  1. allvaro Says:

    wonder kid!

  2. Pamela Daley Says:

    Hi Pieter

    It is thanx to you that i know of James Blake at all – and a big thanx thai is! I loved the vieo for “A Limit To Your Love’ but I thought this one was terrible! My partner found this video of him doing “The Wilhelm Scream” live at the BBC.
    Take a listen:

    The Wilhem Scream

    This is fabulous! And his little smile at the end makes you go aaaaaahhhhhhhh

    btw – I’ve put this link in code – let’s see if it works

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