Bruno Mini Velo

February 3rd, 2011

It’s again that time of the year when I’m fed up with the Berlin winter and want to ride my bicycle again. And seeing this beautiful Bruno Mini Velo 20″ Road bike doesn’t make it any better. Apparently Bruno is a Swiss brand which is quite popular in Japan, especially their mini bikes.

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  1. Danny Wong Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. I’m never usually a fan of mini-bikes since they don’t give you the power a full-wheel bike does, but it’s cute and while I still wouldn’t get it because the wheels are too small, I can appreciate how awesome this is. I’ve never really known much about bikes, having a series of second-hand bikes growing up in NYC, then buying a really nice and inexpensive racing bike for the time I was living in China, but totally love the design and assume the construction is built to last at least a decade?

  2. Kenji Keirin Says:

    Bruno is a japanese brand, but swiss design, though is scandinavian and german is very popular in Japan, therefore the Swiss-Flag!
    We were thinking to actually offer those bikes in 2011, but do you really think this would be popular in Berlin?
    We got a catalogue in the shop!
    Ride Safe

  3. Bruno Mini Velo | DesignZine Says:

    […] Via […]

  4. A. Cherry Says:

    Can you buy Bruno bikes in the US? NYC?

  5. romo Says:

    Cool little bike, id leave the cheap black plastic reflector off the back there though, is lets the uniqueness down.

  6. Ron Says:

    I would be interested in having these in my shop in Chicago and soon to be in New Orleans. What are the chances?

  7. BrBiker Says:

    you may download their catalog here:

  8. betta Says:

    what about Italy? do you have, or are you interested in having a reseller in Italy ? I have downloaded the catalogue but there is no business contact email…..

  9. pablo r. Says:

    The only mini-velo I know selling in the US is the Soma Mini Velo.

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