‘Til Death Do Us Part

March 7th, 2011

‘Til Death Do Us Part by Kate Bauman.

found at who killed bambi

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  1. “‘Til Death Do Us Part” By Kate Bauman | FEELguide Says:

    […] Today And Tomorrow brought to my attention the work of Kate Bauman, and the beautiful piece featured below.  Entitled “‘Til Death Do Us Part”, it takes the coveted symbol of the wedding ring and turns it into a symbol of violence.  No one is saying that commitment is wrong; that would be ridiculous.  But all too often I’ve seen people commit for the worst reasons and those vows end up biting them in the ass eventually.  Perhaps Kate meant “‘Til Death Do Us Part” as a symbol of warning of two things: take your time, and choose wisely.  Here’s Kate’s bio: […]

  2. NNR Says:

    Love it. the simplicity together with the usually elegant and beautiful words.
    Now where do i get one!

  3. Mystikan Says:

    That made me laugh. In my city (Adelaide, Australia) you’d be arrested for wearing that in the street… our government has even banned the carrying of screwdrivers because they can be used as weapons. This would get you in trouble real fast!

  4. ‘Til Death Do Us Part – today and tomorrow | Matt Castille Says:

    […] ‘Til Death Do Us Part – today and tomorrow: “‘Til Death Do Us Part” Categories : Other […]

  5. Theraisa K Says:

    I love the concept and the design is just gorgeous!

  6. Something Blue Says:

    “Yeah I’ve been married four times, you got a problem with that?..”

  7. ‘Til Death Do Us Part | All Nerd Everything Says:

    […] Via Today & Tomorrow […]

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