Nexus Vomitus

March 23rd, 2011

“Nexus Vomitus” is a collaboration between vomiting artist Millie Brown and opera singers Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme. SHOWstudio documented this one-off performance during which Millie created a rainbow-like spectrum of vomit on canvas to Patricia and Zita’s melodic interlude. You can actually still buy the Nexus Vomitus piece for £ 1,500 if you want to. Or maybe watching the video of the performance is enough for you.
This is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen lately. For those of you who are wondering … Millie used milk dyed with food coloring.

14 Responses to “Nexus Vomitus”

  1. katey Says:

    Puking to make bad art makes me want to puke because of the bad art. >_>

  2. Lillian Gray Says:

    interesting…. but will ppl actually buy that!? I mean, what is so special about this puke? And why does it have to be puke!!!

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  4. isngard Says:

    somewhat disgusting, but great!

  5. ricco Says:

    Yikes..whats next ,colored poop?

  6. Jeremy Says:

    haha, I didn’t think about it all being deliberately awful in connection with making yourself vomit is also deliberately awful. Just like the worst of everything combined on purpose.

  7. ML Says:

    She may be an amazing person and great performance artist. She looks good in the fetish shoes and leotard, but this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I guess this is what the art world has come to. I could poo, pee,vomit and bleed on a canvas and if I did it with a bit of style– I could be well known in London!

  8. Aha ! Says:

    all that and whats next seen here

  9. Kelly Says:

    While I personally don’t like this performance, art isn’t usually about whether a piece with sell or not (especially performance art). I hear people say “I could do that” about all sorts of art all of the time… did you do it? did you try to do it? until you have done it successfully, never claim that you can.

  10. fahrender Says:

    anything for attention, “fifteen minutes of fame.” etc. this, and a mysterious disappearance or a sensational suicide and her “career” will be made!

  11. nuzzaci / Nexus Vomitus / Says:

    […] on […]

  12. LilOrange Says:

    If you look at the painting at first it’s like “OH! thats so cool and colorful!” But then you’re reminded its made of puke, and it just starts to look like disgusting puke.

  13. Culture Clash » Right Thinking Says:

    […] classy stuff, huh?, this particular art form is called Nexus Vomitus “Nexus Vomitus” is a collaboration between vomiting artist Millie Brown and opera singers […]

  14. FlushTheToilet Says:

    Next Up: “…ENEMA ART! ”

    This all goes along nicely with the guy who climbed up out of the Porta Potty covered in feces at the jazz festival after some lady saw movement down the hole.

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