Lakes and Reservoirs

April 15th, 2011

“Lakes and Reservoirs” is a series of photographs made by Matthew Brandt. First he made the photos of the lakes and reservoirs, then he made C-prints of them and lastly he soaked those in the water of the respective lakes and reservoirs. The results look great.

8 Responses to “Lakes and Reservoirs”

  1. Laura Says:

    These are amazing! I love that he used the actual water from the photographed lakes and reservoirs – what a great way to bring it all full-circle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Daniel Says:

    Love it!! Concept and result are great

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  5. Jewel Atkins Says:

    Interesting, but I wouldn’t have said great. If I hadn’t known how these pictures were made, I would have thought they were toxic waste dumps.

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