Computer Drawings

April 26th, 2011

Here’re a few Computer drawings made by Miltos Manetas. I just love the look and feel of them. Actually I could post all of his portfolio on today and tomorrow. I totally recommend you to go through his work. You probably know his neen sites like, or

Ok, one more piece by him: Painting My Shadow.

4 Responses to “Computer Drawings”

  1. Hannah Stephenson Says:

    Weird and really good!

  2. Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Says:

    What! Look like cheap fashion drawings to me. Is she a friend of yours?!

  3. Design Bridge blog Says:

    […] Loving the style of these computer drawings by Miltos Manetas, they have a great fashion illustration feel about them. More on his Cargo Collective page. Found via Today and Tomorrow. […]

  4. Great stuff » Archive » Miltos Manetas – a master of computer drawings Says:

    […] via¬† Tweet […]

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