House M

June 12th, 2011

I guess everyone knows by now that I’m a huge fan of Japanese architecture. So here’s the next one: House M by Jun Igarashi Architects. It does look more to a livable sculpture to me than a real house. Can someone explain to me why it doesn’t have any windows and just ceiling lights? The neighborhood isn’t really nice in this case, but doesn’t they want to look outside?
photos by Sergio Pirrone

found at designboom weblog

4 Responses to “House M”

  1. david Says:

    That place would make me insane…way too much white…so barren, empty & cold.

  2. Alfie Says:

    Eh, the house is constructed so that the ceiling light gives light to the whole house, even though it havs no windows.

    Thats the point, thats the art.

  3. keith Says:

    I’ve been studying architecture in Tokyo for two years, and have seen a lot of crazy shit. No (or few) external windows is not so hard to understand if you realize that most windows in residential buildings are not transparent anyway, but a translucent glass. These are often covered by a screen, blocked by a wall, or stuck in a tight gap. The ideal of a house as a private paradise, separate from the outside world, has been gaining currency for some time, and often beats out any attempt at view-making. Still, that yard is rather harsh.

  4. pieter | today and tomorrow Says:

    @david: I like white and empty rooms
    @Alfie: Sure, but why …
    @keith: Thank you for your input!

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