Street Show & 0-DAY ART

July 27th, 2011

Street Show and 0-DAY ART are 2 new art projects which I think are very exciting. Street Show is a new exhibition format developed by Michael Manning. It is based on the Dead Drops project by Aram Bartholl, USB flash drives are somewhere hidden in a public locations and people can add and/or download files from them. The first Street Show is currently taking place in New York and is titled “The Things Between Us”. Michael asked 22 artists to make a piece based on the idea of TRANSFER. So if you want to see the artworks, you’ll have to go to 540 W. 21 St. (@ Eyebeam Center for Art + Technology) in New York City. You better bring you laptop and a USB cable.

The Street Show exhibition format is an experiment in the absurd pursuit of creating scarcity in the distribution of digital media. Visitors to the Dead Drop are free to take a file, delete a file, take all the files and so on ad infinitum, the future distribution of the work is uncertain once installed. It places the power of “ownership” of unique files in the hands of its audience and through this, hopes to reveal something about the culture and consumption of digital media. The work presented on the drive may end up online, be deleted, remixed, vandalized, or perhaps even trolled, its fate is in the hands of those who seek it.

0-DAY ART is something like warez group for net art. Their mission: “WE PUT NET ART BACK ON THE NET”.
Their first release:

2011.07.25 - Street Show: The Things Between Us - Download Torrent - view .NFO

I’m very curious what their second release will be!

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