Venus de Milo

October 17th, 2011

It took me quite some time find any information about this image. I found it initially on Traditional Doom, but thank to Google Image Search I figured out that this Venus de Milo was photographed in Jean Paul Gaultier his studio. And now I’m at a dead end. Does anyone know if this is custom installation at Gaultiers studio or does anyone know the artist? Thanks for any hints. Thanks to commenters for pointing out that it’s an installation by Studio Makkink & Bey.
(BTW, seriously Tumblr, get your act together, you’re obfuscating the internet.)

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  1. John Victor Says:

    I don’t know who the artist is but the image is a part of the set prepared for a Lady Gaga interview by Jean Paul Gaultier at his Maison in Paris.
    A beatiful instalation!

  2. dingeundsachen Says:

    Interessant ist doch bei der Debatte, wie sich der Begriff der Autorenschaft in der Gestaltung immer weiter vom eigentlichen Werk entfernt. Ja geradezu enkoppelt wird. Reduzierte Mood-Seiten wie Haw-Lin, kannablisierende “Inspirations”-Seiten wie fffound und eben auch ds visuelle fast-food von tumblr forcieren das natürlich ins extreme.

    Ich mach da am besten einfach weiter im Kreislauf und poste es wieder auf tumblr und du bist dann die neue Quelle ;)

  3. John Patrick Says:

    Looks a whole lot like the work Doepel Strijkers did for SPRMRKT Amsterdam two years ago:

    But of course it is Jurgen Bey who did it at Gaultier’s:

    Happy to clear that up ; )

  4. Seb Says:

    Isn’t it Jurgen Bey ?

    It’s a part of his 2004 showroom. Pictures are strangely hard to find but here is a snippet :,1

  5. Frank Says:

    Don’t know who did this one but I know that Jurgen Bey does this thing with furniture:

  6. Daniel Says:

    It´s a remake of an instalation made by Studio Makkink & Bey for JPGaultier’s fashion show of his women’s SS2004 collection.

    The concept of mophing among different styles of wraped furniture was fist used by the studio in “Kokon” project made in 1999.

  7. erin Says:

    The artist is Jurgen Bey. He did a similar installation for Gaultier’s catwalk in 2003. He also makes beautiful pieces in the same manner by grouping chairs and tables and “shrink wrapping” them in this fabric.

  8. Ano Says:

    It must be done by Jurgen Bey who did a show for Gaultier

    He made this kind of pieces first for a museum project.

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