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Glitch Browser

March 18th, 2009

Glitch Browser is a website that lets you browse other websites. The only catch is that the Glitch Browser filters out all of the images and manipulates them just a little. This should be a default functionality of every web browser.

today and tomorrow @ Glitch Browser

Glitch Designing Imperfection

January 22nd, 2009

This is a page from a forthcoming book called “Glitch: Perfect Imperfections“, an excellent title I must say!
It’s on my wish list now.

Glitch: Perfect Imperfections

Glitch Art

November 28th, 2007


Glitch Art by Chris Thompson.

Captured in 3D Blob

November 10th, 2010

“Captured in 3D Blob” made by V5/MT. There’s a lot more to discover on this website … animated gif’s, glitch art, data moshing.

found at DTYBYWL

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

August 28th, 2009

Autumn is right around the corner and most fashion brands are launching their campaigns. So did adidas Y-3, last season was all about surveillance cameras, this time the campaign is called “Satellite”. The website is once again a very nice execution of this concept, the digital glitches during the transitions are top notch.  When it comes to the apparel, well it’s adidas Y-3, it’s not for everybody but there some nice pieces in the collection.
Made by Sid Lee Amsterdam.

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

adidas Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009

Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002

April 29th, 2009

“Vrgb VHS Visual Music Composition n.002” is video with excerpts from a live mixing session performed on 8 VCR decks with some analog feedback/delay effects by Jan Dybala. Glitches all over the place!

found at Rhizome

adidas Y-3 Spring / Summer 2009

March 2nd, 2009

It is probably no suprise that I mention the new adidas Y-3 Spring / Summer 2009 campaign. The adidas Y-3 website is one of the few websites out there, where you can expect a very nice relaunch twice a year. It’s a fashion brand after all.
They have choosen to use the surveillance cameras kind of look for the website and the campaign video. If you are a regular here, you’ll have noticed that digital glitches are my thing. The Y-3 products are still quite different than the new adidas SLVR collection, they are more true fashion. I’m not a expert, but some of the women’s footwear designs look quite fresh.
But be warned, the website is quite heavy and will take some time to load.

adidas Y-3 Spring / Summer 2009

adidas Y-3 Spring / Summer 2009

adidas Y-3 Spring / Summer 2009


February 18th, 2009

Datamoshing is how you call the video technique in this music video “Evident Utensil” for the band Chairlift. I would still call it digital glitches, but datamoshing sounds better (than the music in this video). So no, this video is not f*cked up, Ray Tintori of Court 13 who directed it, did it on purpose.

found at kottke


February 12th, 2009

Text2Image is a little tool created by Ted Davis. Its name is quite self-explanatory, you can submit some text and you’ll get an image back in return. Glitches!

Text2Image by Ted Davis

Karl Klomp

January 28th, 2008

Karl Klomp is a Dutch media-artist – vj – theater technician. He knows how to modify video hardware and even build it from scratch. The output: glitch art.


But also hardware tools like this ‘Minimal Video Mixer’. Pure hardware porn.