The First Sitting Chair

October 14th, 2012
The first sitting chair (sitting down for a rest after a long time standing) by Timm Ulrichs.
found at pietmondriaan

Technological Mandala 02

September 20th, 2012

Lately I have this weakness for electronic components, I even solder some small things from time to time. So when I found “Technological mandala 02″ by Leonardo Ulian, I was like ‘yes, I’m not the only one who appreciates aesthetics of electric components’.

found at colossal

Broken Flowers

September 18th, 2012

Jon Shireman dipped some flowers in a liquid nitrogen bath and then he smashed them on a hard surface. The results are just beautiful.

found at iGNANT

iPhone Oil Paintings

September 12th, 2012

iPhone Oil Paintings” by JK Keller are NOT the kind of iPhone Oil Paintings you would expect.

Tube Map Radio

September 6th, 2012

Juri Suzuki made this “Tube Map Radio”during the designers in residence program at the Design Museum London. He placed all the components of a radio on one printed circuit board, which looks just like the iconic London underground map diagram by Harry Beck.

found at designboom weblog

Curious Vase

August 27th, 2012

“Curious Vase” is a series of vases designed by Mianne de Vries. Each vase has up to 3 more vases hidden inside. So you have to break the outer ones to see how the other ones look like.

Black Paper 37

August 16th, 2012

Black Paper 37 is an arm chair designed by Vadim Kibardin and it’s made of 37 paper layers and 20 details of gofer cardboard.

found at designboom weblog


August 7th, 2012

1962 is project by Raphaël Bastide which isn’t that easy to explain. 1962 are sculptures conceptualized using a revision control system and represented physically. Euh … again, Raphaël made a sculpture and documented it on github, a service primarily used by programmers to document and save their code. Then he started to make changes (revisions) to it and also documented those on github. Now you can build that sculpture, thanks to the documentation and you can even modify it as long as you document it on github and let Raphaël know.
It might sound quite nerdy and it is, but it is still very interesting to see this kind of workflow in the process of creating art.

found via @arambartholl


August 6th, 2012

“Asobi” is Yasutoki Kariya’s version of a Newton’s cradle, which you probably know as a desktop toy. Yasutoki made a version with light bulbs which illustrate the transfer of kinetic energy. If you look closely to the video, you will notice that the outer bulbs don’t touch the other ones. But it’s still a very nice installation.

found at collosal

Further Abstracts

August 2nd, 2012

Further Abstracts” is a beautiful series of animated gifs by Alma Alloro. Love them!

found at I like this art