Honda Insight on Vimeo

April 27th, 2009

A month ago Honda launched its TV commercial “Let It Shine” for its hybrid car called Insight. They now placed the ad on the online video service Vimeo and I must admit it is quite awesome. Have a look at it here.
This is probably the best video intergration since the YouTube Wario Land Ad.
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam didn’t only make the TV commercial but also this first ever rich media take over spot (yeah, that’s a mouth full) on Vimeo.

Honda Insight - Let It Shine

found at gizmodo

Art Directors Against Futura Extra Bold Condensed

April 19th, 2009

“It’s time for Art Directors the world over to boycott the use of Futura Extra Bold Condensed – the most over-used typeface in advertising history. Destroy the Great Satan of clich├ęs and the Little Satan of convenience, and rally to the cause of a better type selection.
Please fill out the enclosed petition and mail it to our headquarters. It will be used to sway the opinion-makers of our industry toward our just and worthy cause.
Together, we can whip this mother.”

Really??? That was a common opinion in 1992?
These 2 pages were designed by Jerry Ketel are were published in the 1992’s TDC Typography 13.

Art Directors Against Futura Extra Bold Condensed by Jerry Ketel

Art Directors Against Futura Extra Bold Condensed by Jerry Ketel

found in Wei Huang his Flickr account

Off Topic: Looking for Sponsoring

April 15th, 2009

today and tomorrow is looking for sponsoring.
Why? Almost 2 weeks ago my current web host took my website temporally offline because today and tomorrow was causing too much server load. They told me that I have to upgrade my server package to a managed one, due to the growing numbers. This means some serious extra costs. That’s why I’m looking for some sponsoring.

My first idea was a PayPal donation button, you can find it in the sidebar on the right. Every micro-payment helps. Of course some larger corporate help is appreciated too.
If I look at my statics, I can see that some of you work for some really nice brands. For example, the third biggest traffic causing network in March was that big American sportswear brand. Others work in creative agencies, almost every known network is represented together with some well known independent ones. Maybe you guys can hoop me up with a nice monthly sponsor, which would get some decent space in the sidebar.

Any input is very welcome, shoot me an email: info at todayandtomorrow dot net.
Thank you all in advance!

I hope I don’t have to bother you again with this issue.
So to make this at least a little interesting, here is a little graphic, inspired by the Google Analytics paintings by Evan Roth, which shows you the top 500 cities (from almost 12000) where the visitors of today and tomorrow came from in March.

UPDATE 15/04/09 13:45: Here are some more numbers from March 2009: today and tomorrow had 587,183 pageviews according to Google Analytics. The server logs tell me that the server had 9.525.366 hits and 468 Gb of data was transferred.

UPDATE 16/04/09 11:06: Thanks to everyone who used the PayPal donations button! Also thanks to those who have send me an email with ideas and sponsoring offers. I’ll get back to you asap.
Ruben brought to my attention that the PayPal landing page is in German, although my account is in English. I’ve contacted PayPal to get this issue resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

UPDATE 17/04/09 11:12: The PayPal landing page is now in English. And thanks again for the support!

top 500 cities in March

BMW Z4 Augmented Reality

April 9th, 2009

At the end of last year, MINI had this print ad where you could see the new MINI Cabrio in 3D on top of that ad. BMW now released a more interactive augmented reality tool for its current “An Expression of Joy” campaign for the Z4. In the normal TV ad, the artist Robin Rhode uses the BMW Z4 as a paintbrush. With this augmented reality software you can now create your own virtual version on your desk. When you’re happy with the result you can submit your piece to a gallery on Facebook.
Unfortunately the MINI and BMW tools are Windows only, so I can’t try them out myself. But you can download the BMW software here. I guess I’ll have to believe that everything works as smooth as advertised in those demo videos.

The normal TV ad.

found at Fubiz

Career Evolution: Advertising

April 8th, 2009

Career Evolution: Advertising” by work for food. True dat true dat.

Career Evolution: Advertising by work for food

found at NoMoreSleep Blog

Words To Work By

April 7th, 2009

“Words To Work By” is a set of six typographic posters created by Publicis Mojo. You can find the other 5 at the CreativeReview blog.

Words To Work By

Honda Let It Shine

March 26th, 2009

This is the new TV ad for the new Honda Insight, a hybrid car. They parked a huge grid of those cars in the desert and used the headlights as pixels to show this animation. The effect is very impressive. Hybrid or not, I’m just not sure about the carbon footprint of this ad …
Written by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

The making of:

found at the creative review blog

The Seed

March 20th, 2009

“The Seed” is a short film made by Johnny Kelly about nature’s life cycle. He used a mixture of stop motion papercraft and 2D drawn animation. It was commissioned by Adobe to promote their Creative Suite 4. On the Adobe Artists website, you can see the work of Nando Costa, work by Genevieve Gauckler & Erik Natzke and Cisma will be added later this month.

The making of “The Seed”:

Extreme Sheep LED Art

March 18th, 2009

What do you get when you dress sheep with LED suits? A pretty great video. BUT, I’m not convinced it’s all real. I guess they faked some parts, especially the part where they recreate the Mona Lisa and the shots from a distance. The video is viral for Samsung LED TV sets. Entertaining though.

Puma Lift

March 13th, 2009

A while ago I posted a video called Displacements by Michael Naimark. He basically filmed a room, then he spray-painted it completely white and in the end he projected the video back on those white objects in the room.
I was always wondering when this visual gimmick would be used for a TV commercial. Well, the waiting is over: “Puma Lift“. The New York ad agency Droga5 made this film where you can see a couple moving through different virtual sceneries. In the end they reveal that the whole room and the clothing was actually white and that it was a projection.
I think that the film is great, it was probably a lot of work to get the movements and the projection in sync. But they could have presented this film to any other brand, it is very generic.
You should watch it anyway!