Spectrum Horizon & Spectrum Cube

February 17th, 2012

Emilio Gomariz, THE man behind Triangulation Blog, released 2 new video pieces based on the OS X genie effect: Spectrum Horizon & Spectrum Cube. Great work Emilio!

Multi-Touch Finger Paintings

September 12th, 2011

Multi-Touch Finger Paintings by Evan Roth.

“12,345 + 6,789 = ”

“Slide to un-lock”

“Launch Twitter. Check Twitter. Close Twitter.”

The Golden Mistake

September 8th, 2011

Erica Dorn made some solid gold versions of the  and Z  keyboard keys a.k.a. the “mistake” keys. They’re the ones we are constantly pressing to go back in time. These are still designed for the old apple keyboards but she said that she will update them.

found at I’m revolting


June 19th, 2011

The Hong Kong musician/producer/composer Gaybird Leung asked Henry Chu to create a music app for his show Digital Hug. He wanted an instrument that could respond to body gesture like a theremin. So Henry developed Squeal which is based on his other app SoundGyro. With Squeal you’ll be able to trigger sounds by tapping on the eyes, nose, and cheeks of a face. And if you tilt the iPad you’ll be able switch between 3 octaves. The app will be available in the app store from July on, but you can still submit your own portrait to be part of it.

found at CreativeApplications

Smart Cover

March 3rd, 2011

Apple launched the iPad 2 today. To be honest, the iPad itself wasn’t the best part of the announcement. But the Smart Cover for the iPad was. It’s a protective cover for the screen which attaches itself to the iPad with 2 magnets. It snaps right in place and it doesn’t really hide the design of the device. I think it’s one of the best industrial design products I’ve seen lately. When you close the cover it will put the iPad to sleep and the other way around. Ingenious.

Window Control

October 25th, 2010

Window Control is Johannes P. Osterhoff his latest interface art piece. It’s a portrait of Steve Jobs made with aqua interface elements.

Photo Booth Mask

April 21st, 2010

If you have an apple computer and a webcam, then you’ve probably played around with Photo Booth. It’s so much fun! Mark Pernice made a picture of himself with Photo Booth and turned it into a mask. The result is awesome. He actually made the mask to make a new picture with Photo Booth while wearing it. He’ll used that picture for a self promotional poster.


September 21st, 2009

g by Jack Strange. A lead ball rests on the letter g, eventually the document becomes so big that it crashes the computer.

g by Jack Strange

found at vvork

Framing Exercise & OK

September 17th, 2009

I wouldn’t mind having these 2 digital prints by Artie Vierkant on my wall.

Framing Exercise
Framing Exercise by Artie Vierkant

Framing Exercise – detail
Framing Exercise by Artie Vierkant

OK by Artie Vierkant

OK – detail
OK by Artie Vierkant


January 21st, 2009


The cheap CMOS sensor of an iPhone does not expose the whole thing at once, it scans from left to right. If you take a picture of something that moves very fast (like an airplane prop) you can get some crazy pictures out of it since each column represents a slightly different time.

found at Global Nerdy