Baggu Bag

July 3rd, 2007

Baggu BagWhat’s up with all these rubber or nylon bags that look like grocery bags lately? Next up is Baggu.

Tribute Patchwork

March 15th, 2007

Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork BagMy girlfriends birthday is coming up so I started the quest for the ultimate birthday gift. I guess she won’t get this Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag, it’s price tag is quite hefty … $42,000. Marc Jacobs probably thought, let’s cut up some leftovers from the previous seasons, stitch them back together et voila … $42,000. Ingenius!
Maison Martin Margiela does the same much better.

Travel Jacket

March 7th, 2007

Maison Martin MargielaMaison Martin Margiela is back with the Spring Summer 2007 artisanal collection. This time you won’t get a ski gloves jacket but a zipped nylon travel bag jacket … And while it only takes 53 hours to produce one, you’ll get one for €5330.

Sylvain Willenz

February 1st, 2007

Ok, this is going to be the last post with Belgian design for today, we don’t want to exaggerate …
So here’s some work by Sylvain Willenz, an other young shooting star.


STUFF is just a rubber bag, yeah, sometimes it’s just that simple.


InnerTube, the shape of this lamp is defined by the circle glass tube, the black rubber is just streched around it.


Brackets Included, sold at Vlaemsch().

Shopping Bags

November 28th, 2006

susanbijl.jpgHere some Shopping Bags by Susan Bijl, you can get almost every possible color combination you can think of.

Vlieger & Vandam

October 4th, 2006

Vlieger & Vandam is a fashion accessories label based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
This “Guardian Angel” bag does remind me of the bags by Marielle van Herpen.


This “not-a-laptop” bag is fun too.


Marielle van Herpen

September 14th, 2006

marielle.jpgSo how would you call this? A bag in a bag? I don’t know but I do know that this bag is designed by Marielle van Herpen.

boom bag

July 13th, 2006

boombag.jpgGRO is a design studio in The Netherlands, they did this boom bag. One of the better iPod product I have seen.

Maximilian’s Pet Shop

July 29th, 2005

These are superb design accessories for your pet and yourself.

birdcagekitty carrier

The official Maximilian’s Pet Shop site isn’t online yet.

Found at we make money not art.