Broken Self Sculpture

September 21st, 2009

You can go and try the “Broken Self Sculpture” by Rafaël Rozendaal at the AFK Sculpture Park in Berlin till September 26th. It’s based on his Broken Self .com piece.

Broken Self Sculpture by Rafaël Rozendaal

Broken Self Sculpture by Rafaël Rozendaal

club.unlike beta

August 14th, 2009

Over a year ago I recommended you this website called berlin.unlike. When I’m asked to describe it, it would be something like this: “the definitive city guide for the mobile generation”. Exactly like they describe themselves.
It’s quite impressive to see how they evolved over the last months. They added 10 other cities to their service like Barcelona, London and Paris. You can now buy iPhone apps for each city or one for all of them; they support offline browsing and a future feature will be offline maps. For those of you who don’t want to spend their time planning their trip, they even sell packages with all kinds of activities, guides and tours.
But today I received the login data for the club.unlike beta. When you’re logged in you can create your own custom tours, import your travel plans from other services, share everything with everything and you’ll get some extras at certain locations. So here is my tour: berlin by today and tomorrow. You can even download it as a PDF. The only critique I have, is the fact that you can’t add a location which is not in the unlike system.
Don’t forget this is a closed beta and there’s still some room for optimizations, but if you’re interested: sign up!


The Message

July 29th, 2009

I just rediscovered Bronco, a Berlin street artist, thanks to rebel:art.

The Message by Bronco

Sorry, the next one is in German. A rough translation would be “I can’t be amazed anymore”. You actually need to know that “Ich komm in das Staunen gar nicht mehr rein” is a variation of a German saying: “Ich komme aus dem Staunen gar nicht mehr raus”. Thanks to comments of Silvia and Mario, I can give you a better translation for Bronco’s piece: “I can’t get into the amazement anymore” (Silvia) or “I can’t even start to be amazed” (Mario). The translation of the orginal saying would be “I can’t stop to be amazed” (Mario).
Of course it’s a pity when you have to explain a joke, sorry for that.

ich komm in das staunen gar nicht mehr rein by Bronco

Nike The IAM1 Journey

July 7th, 2009

Nike is re-releasing the OG colorways of the the Air Max 1 sneaker, the ones still missing in my collection … But they also introduce a new version called the Air Maxim, based on the same silhouette but using the newly developed materials. The title of the European campaign is “The IAM1 Journey“. Nike will introduce you to 5 creative hotspots in Europe and Berlin is the first one. So which visual language did they chose? Exactly … a tilt-shift time lapse video. Once again very lush imagery.

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

The IAM1 Journey - Berlin

Andy Gilmore Black Math

July 6th, 2009

This Friday is the opening of the Black Math show by Andy Gilmore at the Pool Gallery in Berlin. It’s mandatory to go and see it when you’re around, till August 22nd!

Arsis and Thesis by Andy Gilmore

Gamma by Andy Gilmore

Prima Vista by Andy Gilmore

Scordatura by Andy Gilmore

adidas Women’s Archive Exhibition at No74 Berlin

June 30th, 2009

adidas is organising a small exhibition at their N0 74 Berlin store, starting this Wednesday July 1st. They will be showing women’s footwear from the 1968 Azteka Gold till the 2006 adicolor Sneaker. The exhibition will be runing till July 15th, so if you’re around and you want to see some vintage adidas footwear …
During the Berlin Fashion Week, the No 74 store will also have a small bar in their garden – open from 4 till 8 PM.

1968 adidas Azteka Gold

1070 adidas Girls Freizeit

1979 adidas Training

1995 adidas Advanced

DMY Berlin Youngsters 2009 – Nido

June 3rd, 2009

Tonight was the opening of the Youngsters exhibition of the DMY Berlin International Design Festival. The quality of the work on display was very good, in the next few posts I will present some of them.

Nido is a collection of 6 stools and tables by Eva Marguerre. They are made of fibreglass which makes them extremely light, between 840g and 1020g, but also very stable, they can carry up to 150kg. You should actually watch the videos in the moodgallery. The material and the resin give them a very nice texture. They are only available in laser red and cost €198. I’m sold.
Nido is also on the shortlist for the DMY Award, good luck next Friday!

Nido by Eva Marguerre

Nido by Eva Marguerre

Nido by Eva Marguerre

Nido by Eva Marguerre

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

May 19th, 2009

Dispatchwork is project by Jan Vormann where he fills up holes in walls with Lego bricks. He did this before in Bocchignano, a village close to Rome, and Tel Aviv. This time he did in Berlin, where he and many spontaneous helpers filled World War II bullet holes at a building of Humbold University. You can find some other patched walls around town too.
He also has a exhibition at the Jarmuschek + Partner gallery in Berlin till June 13th.

Photos by Kathleen Waak.

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

Dispatchwork Berlin by Jan Vormann

found at yatzer

Moderat – Rusty Nails

May 15th, 2009

This music video for Rusty Naily by Moderat fits perfectly to my last post about the photography of William Hundley. Last night was actually the record release party at WMF in Berlin and it was quite hot. I didn’t know the support act Anstam before, but I really liked them. It’s almost impossible to find anything on these 2 German brothers, you can listen to their tracks on MySpace. Dark!

UPDATE 15/05/09 15:05:
The record label BPitchControl took down the video, apparently they are still quite old school.
Thumbs down!
But I found this 30 seconds excerpt, sorry for the b*tt ugly flash player.


May 5th, 2009

I really like EVOL‘s stencil, grafitti style! He has a whole sieres called “Plattenbauten”, of stenciled and strayed powerboxes.  He did the 2 other pieces on regular cardboard. You can see more of his work at Wilde-Gallery in Berlin till the end of the month. Or just check out his Flickr set.


the corner of Simplonstrasse and Niemannstrasse in Berlin by EVOL

a backyard in the Dieffenbachstrasse in Berlin by EVOL

found at wooster collective