28 Millimètres

March 6th, 2007

28 Millimètres – portrait d’une génération, is a photography project by JR and Ladj Ly, which they did in the suburbs of Paris during the riots in 2005.

After his first guerrilla exhibition on the walls of Montfermeil’s ghetto’s (93/370) in 2004, JR settled down right in the heart of the district collaborating with Ladj Ly, inhabitant of the ghetto, actor and director from the collective, Kourtrajmé.

Armed with a 28 mm lens, JR shot full frame portraits of young people from this neighbourhood and the nearby district of The Forestière (Clichy-sous-Bois, 93). This no frills, straightforward technique allowed them to get very close to this generation.

Interviewing them, without restrictions, on the recent events of November 2005. The first portraits were illegally pasted on the east walls of Paris, a district that was once run-down, but has now become a residency for the bourgeois bohemian, who are shielded from the flames.

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A Million Random Digits

February 12th, 2007

A Million Random DigitsSo here’s another book tip:
A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates
Unfortunately there are a lot of spoilers in the costumer reviews.

Designers Are Wankers

February 12th, 2007

Designers Are WankersDesigners Are Wankers is a manifesto/how-to book on becoming an industrial designer. I guess the authors know what they write about: Neville Brody, Karim Rashid, Piers Roberts, Paul Smith and Lee McCormack.

The Pop-Up Book of Sex

December 6th, 2006

To continue with the NSFW theme … The Pop-up Book of Sex.
found at Boing Boing

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November 9th, 2006

hoopla.jpgTo all the advertising people out there who don’t know what to ask their mothers for Christmas: Hoopla, a book by Crispin, Porter + Bogusky.

Getting Real

November 1st, 2006

gettingreal.jpgGetting Real, the book by 37signals is now available to read online!

The Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life

July 20th, 2006

simplicity.jpgAnother book to buy!