DeLorean reflecting a Gerhard Richter

July 20th, 2010

DeLorean reflecting a Gerhard Richter, from Jon Rafman his ongoing series Brand New Paint Job .com.

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July 16th, 2010

Boats*Cars*Dollars*Girls*Helicopters*Jewellery*Skylines is Thomas Traum his attempt to construct the most generic Rap video out of many.

Musical genres are always heavily codified and rap seems to be one of the most extreme ones, each video has similar if not identical subjects, the same light, the same cars, the same girls, the same dance moves etc. Through their likeness they seem to be almost ‘classic’, just as classic theater or opera.

United Nude Lo Res Lamborghini Countach

July 6th, 2010

The Lo Res Project by United Nude, is an innovative design method using computer software to automatically create design options to choose from. By lowering the resolution of 3D models of products, the object becomes more and more fragmented, changing its character in the process. They’ve used this technique on a Lamborghini Countach and the result is quite nice. The United Nude Lo Res Shoe is the first product available at the United Nude stores.


June 25th, 2010

KO, a sculpture by Anthony James with a burned out Ferrari 355 Spider, birch and fluorescent lights.

The World’s slowest Porsche

June 1st, 2010

The World’s slowest Porsche is the Ferdinand GT3 RS by Johannes L.

Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop

April 27th, 2010

At the beginning of the month, the Lifestyle & Brand Communications department of Mercedes-Benz invited a group of bloggers to Stuttgart, Germany, for a 2 day Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop. It was quite a mixed group, from strict car blogs to fashion blogs. The design blogs were represented by NOTCOT, MoCoLoco, Lost At E Minor, Nowness, The World’s Best Ever … to just name a few.

On the first day we all met at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. We first got an introduction to the brand by their futurologist Alexander Mankowsky, he gave us a short trip through history and explained to us why Mercedes-Benz is an ambassador of European luxury.
The guided tour through the museum made is very clear what an impressive heritage the brand has. The collection is just amazing. But also the architecture by UNStudio is actually worth a visit. The obligatory wining and dining also took place at the museum and was very Mercedes-Benz like.

The first half of the second day was the highlight for me: a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre in Sindelfingen. There was a strict no phones, no cameras policy at this location, but I don’t think that we saw anything that hasn’t been published yet.
Steffen Köhl, the head of the worldwide Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios, gave us a presentation on the design department and its processes. Other brands often use the names of their designers in their communication, not at Mercedes-Benz. For the designers at Mercedes-Benz there isn’t a bigger reward than to see their designs in streets, on TV or in movies.
A second presentation by Alexander Mankowsky, introduced us to sustainable mobility and what kind technical and social innovation. He actually talked about mobility devices and not about cars, but what kind of concepts Mercedes-Benz is working on, was not revealed.
Then we had a short visit to the Colour and Trim department where Martin Brehmer talked about trends in the interior design. Mercedes-Benz is a global brand which means that the Colour and Trim designers have to be familiar with certain cultural differences. Not every colour or material has the same meaning in every country.
The last stop at the Design Centre was the presentation hall P1, where a whole line of cars were lined up. Steffen Köhl presented us different E-Class models and their unique features. There were also two 1/4 clay models and 1/1 model of the new SLS AMG. A few climbed behind the steering wheel and most of them bumped their head against the gullwing doors while getting out. Speaking of an over 50 year old design flaw.

The last few cars where show cars like the F700, the Concept Blue Zero and the F800 Style. These cars aren’t only about their design but also about what’s under their hood. But I have to admit that the F800 Style is a really, really good looking car.

In the afternoon we were transferred to the Mercedes-Benz testing ground in Malmsheim. Here they had lined up a fleet of their cars for us the try out. We could test drive an E 63 AMG or an E-Class convertible, but also a Smart electric drive or  a zero emission F-Cell and many others. The funny thing was, that I don’t drive cars. Indeed, I do have a drivers license but I don’t drive. I’m a front seat passenger par excellence. So I drove along with a very fancy E-Class and a demonstration of the Pre Safe Brake system.

Those were the 2 days at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Workshop. I would like to thank the whole team for this experience, every detail of those 2 days was on par with the brand itself.


April 22nd, 2010

I’m not going to tell you anything about the BMW M1, just look at these photos made by Jan Baedeker.
I’m speachless.

KRE House

March 26th, 2010

The brief for this house was quite simple: “I want a 9 car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one of them in the living room.” Takuya Tsuchida designed exactly such a house, it has an elevator for one car from the garage to the living room. I can totally understand the owner of a Lamborghini Countach Anniversary edition, to make such a request. I guess it’s no surprise that can find this house in Tokyo.

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Handicaped Cars

December 24th, 2009

Handicaped Cars by Beni Bischof.

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Stuttgart versus München

December 14th, 2009

Last September, Jonathan Schipper did an European version of his installation “The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle” in Den Haag, The Netherlands. This time he used a Mercedes 230 CE Brabus and a MBW 525i. The crash took 6 days and I would call it a tie

The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle by Jonathan Schipper

The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle by Jonathan Schipper

The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle by Jonathan Schipper

The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle by Jonathan Schipper

photos by René Bakker
found at DTYBYWL