Crumpled Letters

April 7th, 2008


‘Crumpled Letters’  by Michal Budny.

Fauteuil Chair

February 1st, 2008

fauteuil_chair.jpg‘Fauteuil Chair’, a cardboard study by Aranda/Lasch.
found at dezeen


January 16th, 2008


Here are some amazing paper / cardboard prototypes of architectual projects by Horst Kiechle; more details here.
found @ Computerlove


October 25th, 2007


What’s up with those glasses / visor? You can find a lot more different designs at Jun Takahashi his blog. He is the designer of the fashion brand Undercover. Check out his design studio too.

Physical Vertex Buffer

August 29th, 2007


Lennyjpg does processing stuff … a lot. He has over 2600 photos in his flickr account with processing projects. One of these programming projects made it to the physical world, he has build the Physical Vertex Buffer in cardboard.

Ferry Staverman

August 23rd, 2007

ferry_staverman.jpgFerry Staverman makes objects like this one. They are made of beeboard, cardboard with an honeycomb core, and hold their structure with thin threads.


April 20th, 2007


If you have some cardboard lying around and some spare time, then you can also build yourself a box like the Mafoombey to listen to your favorite music …

the cardboard revolution

December 5th, 2006

“When homeless take over the world, the cardboard revolution” shows you the future of product design. Actually I think it’s part of a charity campaign … but I couldn’t really find proof for it. Anyway here are the “portable stereo speakers” and the “Hide-A-Key” from their collection.


Gift wrapping

November 10th, 2006

gift.jpgI’m actually quite notorious for the way I wrap gifts. My style is somewhere between a supermarkets plastic bag and a newspaper wrap. Maybe it’s just to camouflage my inability to wrap something nice and tidy. Now Apple comes to rescue (only in the US though), for $ 5 you get an apple-quality-origami-style wrap for that iPod you actually rather have yourself.

Giles Miller

October 4th, 2006

Giles Miller is a part of Farm Designs. He is quite good with cardboard I guess, that’s what I figured when I saw this recycled pool-chair and this screen.